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Name: Mercury Viridian
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Home country: US
Current location: SE VA
Member since: Tue Jun 2, 2015, 10:24 AM
Number of posts: 2,872

About Me

Purely disgusted.

Journal Archives

Last one out, hit the lights.

I'm fuckin' tired. Just... Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. What's worse is my little brother is going airborne infantry... She's going to get him killed. And I have to fake like I'm cool with it.

Clinton fans, I get your elation over getting to kick us while we're down a little more.

But we've been getting told by the Clinton campaign for the past three months what we can go do, where we can go do it, and what we can go do it with. What the actual, everliving fuck makes y'all think we'd come out for them other than the weaker willed who are easily swayed by fear? Her and her kind have been saying they'll win without us, okay, I have no problems taking them at their word. She won't get a dime, or a second in campaigning from me, and she'll be LUCKY if I can bring myself to vote for her. Because if I do, the blood of my brothers and sisters in arms-- a loyalty I hold over loyalty to this political jackass and pony show-- will be on my hands when she gets them killed.

If I vote for her, the ailed thanks to run-off tainted water from fracking, which has been presented as a "greener" alternative to coal, will wind up rising. Which will do next to nothing for our planet, which I distinctly remember our last president talking about funding green solutions. I see no windmills, I see no solar panels, I see no goddamn water wheels-- we're right where we were in 2008, except a little worse off. It snowed in El Paso this past winter. Snow, in Texas-- in South-West Texas, no less. What next, are Democrats gonna start saying climate change doesn't exist too?

If I vote for her, more jobs in a sector I planned to make a career in will get practically auctioned off to H-1B visa holders. Oh, and even better, skilled American workers in these fields will be made to train their replacements before getting laid off-- so said H-1B visa holders can be hired on for less than what the American worker was being paid. In a world where more and more things are getting automated, we're just going to say "we know you spent an arm and a leg on a STEM degree, but there are people who can be hired for cheaper than you"? And you wonder why people were pushing for 15 an hour-- cause you've got people with comp sci and software engineering degrees working a goddamn McDonald's.

If I vote for her, I get to watch a new era of political correctness for opposing Clinton march into the world. Just like calling for Obama to be primaried in 2012 was seen as "undermining the first AA president"-- funny, that, opposing him on ANYTHING was seen as "undermining the first AA president"-- opposing Clinton in any way, or calling for her to be primaried in 2020(which I will be doing) will be seen as "undermining the first female president". And before the hordes of Clintonistas rise up out of the brackish seas of their own making to furiously protest, "no, how could you think so little of us", I remember saying something to my mother a couple years back(full disclosure, she's where the black half of me comes from) about regretting the fact that I'd voted for Obama again because any attempts to get anything done were falling through, and I couldn't help but think that if we'd had someone more forceful on our side, maybe we wouldn't have watched a sequester hit, maybe the government wouldn't have shut down twice, maybe my paycheck wouldn't have been in jeopardy twice-- and the look she gave me suggested that I'd just kicked the family dog and shat all over the carpet.

If I vote for her, I am giving my tacit approval to lauding the Reagans as crusaders for an AIDS cure(big fuckin laugh there am I right), tacit approval to removing the only thing keeping a nation prosperous(Gaddafi was a dictator, yes, but under him, Libya was prosperous, and y'know, not a terrorist ridden hellhole of our own creation), tacit approval to the concept of universal health care being an impossibility(we all know that's bullshit), tacit approval to mass surveillance("Manhattan Project against encryption", fuckin' really? Good for me, not for thee horseshit again?), tacit approval to the Inner Party, Orwellian math that somehow zero minus zero is equal to one(I guess to them, two plus two can be three or five dependent on what they need it to be to suit their argument?), there's just-- so much wrong that if I listed it all off, I'd need another twenty to twenty-five paragraphs just to write it all out.

And the whole time, I'm here thinking-- this is effectively an election between an Oligarch and a Fascist. And the only thing that comes to mind is the famous quote from Star Wars, which I've never seen as more apt in my life.

"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."
--Padmé Amidala
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