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Name: Sean
Gender: Male
Hometown: Asheville NC
Home country: USA
Current location: Arlington VA
Member since: Sat Jun 27, 2015, 01:01 PM
Number of posts: 2,493

Journal Archives

The Turkey coup

Rattled me a bit. I always thought of Turkey as a fairly stable country, and a military coup there reminds me that every country is susceptible to these types of acts.

NY Times/CBS Poll Hillary 40% Trump 40%

"Poll Finds Emails Weighing on Hillary Clinton, Now Tied With Donald Trump"
Hillary Clinton has emerged from the F.B.I. investigation into her email practices as secretary of state a wounded candidate with a large and growing majority of voters saying she cannot be trusted, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

As Mrs. Clinton prepares to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination at the convention in Philadelphia this month, she will confront an electorate in which 67 percent of voters say she is not honest and trustworthy. That number is up five percentage points from a CBS News poll conducted last month, before the F.B.I. released its findings.

Mrs. Clinton’s six-percentage-point lead over the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump, in a CBS News poll last month has evaporated. The two candidates are now tied in a general election matchup, the new poll indicates, with each receiving the support of 40 percent of voters.


I still think Hillary has a slight lead nationally but the polls show a tightening race. The debates will be crucial, as will the get out the vote. If Dems turn out Hillary will win.

"Forget new gun laws. Here’s what could really keep people from shooting each other."

While they grab attention, justifiably, mass shootings remain outliers. Two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides. The tyranny of everyday shootings — the 12,000 homicides a year that happen so regularly that some people don’t even call 911 anymore — follow patterns completely divorced from the weapons used. These shootings have much more to do with the realities of life for the poor, the drug-addicted, the mentally ill and the criminal.

Gun violence is most acute among young black men. The National Council on Crime and Delinquency says the homicide rate per 100,000 of white males between 15 and 19 years old is 1.8. For Hispanic males, it’s 14.6.

For African American males, it’s a staggering 50.6 per 100,000.

Only recently, Richmond, Calif., had among America’s highest per capita rates of gun violence. In 2009, there were 47 homicides among 100,000 residents. Officials there theorized that a few bad actors caused most of the problem. As it turned out, 70 percent of their gun violence in 2008 was caused by fewer than 1 percent of the city’s residents. This isn’t unique: in Cincinnati, less than 1 percent of the city’s population was responsible for 74 percent of homicides in 2007.

Richmond developed an innovative, controversial program: They identified the 50 people most likely to shoot someone and engaged with them, even paying them to participate.

The city provided career help, training, resume writing and health care. It asked people what they feared and helped them create plans to mitigate those fears.

Critics called it “paying gang members not to shoot people.” It was more than that. And it worked.

From 2007 to 2012, the city experienced a 61 percent reduction in homicides. It turned out that the money was nowhere near as important as people had thought — people still show up to the meetings even though no one is paying them anymore. The interventions steered potential killers onto a better path.


FiveThirtyEight has a piece titled "Gun Deaths in America"

That contains various graphs showing number of gun deaths that are suicides, homicides, etc. There isn't any new info here but I thought the takeaway from the last graph was key, and a point often made here: "The common element in all these deaths is a gun. But the causes are very different, and that means the solutions must be, too." As many have argued in this forum, it is disingenuous to put all gun deaths into a single bucket when promoting gun control. Link to story - http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/gun-deaths/

Interesting article (I thought) "Police Shootings Highlight Unease Among Black Gun Owners"

From the New York Times.

It is legal to carry a firearm openly in Texas, and Yafeuh Balogun often keeps a 12-gauge Mossberg 500 slung over his shoulder. He patrols his Dallas neighborhood and promotes the benefits of legal gun ownership to people who, like himself, are black.

But the issues of race, policing and gun rights have turned into a volatile mix after two officer-involved shootings of black men thought to have guns in recent days and the killing and wounding of officers by snipers during a protest Thursday night.
The shooting of Philando Castile in the St. Paul suburb of Falcon Heights comes at a time when more blacks appear to view gun ownership as way to shield them from violence. Black communities suffer from gun violence at much higher rates than white ones, but 54 percent of black people said guns did more to protect than endanger personal safety, according to a 2014 Pew Research survey. That is up from 29 percent two years earlier.


Washington Post's profile of Officer Zamarripa

One of five killed in Dallas

"Hillary Clinton’s email problems might be even worse than we thought"

This is Chris Cillizza's (from the Washington Post) take on the announcement today. I think they probably get the tone right - although no indictment is a win some of the statement's from the FBI aren't helpful. I'm not sure any of this really changes the race - no indictment but could have been better. It is important to keep in mind that the WaPo has been a Hillary cheerleader almost from the beginning, so this isn't like Fox News saying the outcome wasn't good for Hillary.

It's hard to read Comey's statement as anything other than a wholesale rebuke of the story Clinton and her campaign team have been telling ever since the existence of her private email server came to light in spring 2015. She did send and receive classified emails. The setup did leave her — and the classified information on the server — subject to a possible foreign hack. She and her team did delete emails as personal that contained professional information.

Those are facts, facts delivered by the Justice Department of a Democratic administration. And those facts run absolutely counter to the narrative put forth by the Clinton operation: that this whole thing was a Republican witch-hunt pushed by a bored and adversarial media.
For a candidate already badly struggling on questions of whether she is honest and trustworthy enough to hold the office to which she aspires, Comey's comments are devastating. Watching them, I could close my eyes and imagine them spliced into a bevy of 30-second ads — all of which end with the FBI director rebuking Clinton as "extremely careless."


Disclaimer - this is not an attack on Hillary.

Pink Pistols: LGBT Gun Owners Unite in Arming Gay Community

This, of course, is a large part of the Pink Pistol's mission: to get LGBT people more comfortable with firearms and encourage them to fight hate crimes with bullets – or at least the threat of them. A small, loosely organized group of a few dozen chapters scattered across the states and Canada, including Toronto, San Francisco and Charleston, South Carolina, the Pink Pistols' membership has climbed from around 1,500 earlier this month to about 6,500 since the June day Omar Mateen attacked the Pulse nightclub, turning the dance floor into a killing field and crashing together two culture war battlegrounds that rarely converge: gays and guns. While the majority of LGBT people seem to be calling for more regulation, Pink Pistols and their allies are hunkering down and taking up arms, banding together under the group's motto, a confrontational warning to potential gay-bashers: "Pick on someone your own caliber."

The Pink Pistols formed around 2000, after gay journalist Jonathan Rauch – still outraged by Matthew Shepard's 1998 murder, and knowing gay men who stopped attacks with guns – published an article on Salon. "[Gays] should set up Pink Pistols task forces, sponsor shooting courses and help homosexuals get licensed to carry," he wrote, noting that they should do it in a way to garner as much publicity as possible. And, as an added bonus to self-protection, Pink Pistols could erode tenacious stereotypes, challenging the image of cringing weakness, especially for those who internalized it. "Pink pistols," he wrote, "would do far more for the self-esteem of the next generation of gay men and women than any number of hate-crime laws or anti-discrimination statutes."

This is from a rather lengthy article at Rolling Stone - http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/features/pink-pistols-lgbt-gun-owners-unite-in-arming-gay-community-20160628#ixzz4Czvgtm3h

For those questioning why parents aren't prosecuted when a child kills herself

Or someone else with an unsecured firearm, here's a parent who will be going to prison. Note that based on the story this woman should not have had a firearm to begin with:

A 5-year-old New Jersey boy fatally shot his 4-year-old brother in the head while playing with his mother’s gun.
Police arrested the children’s mother — identified as 22-year-old Itiyanah Spruill — and charged her with endangering the welfare of a child and a weapons violation related to the death, according to NJ.com.

Spruill is being held in jail on a $310,000 bail while she awaits arraignment.


Another instance of a firearm protecting someone, this time from a stalker ex-boyfriend

On three instances, the woman said she came home to find signs of a forced entry. Twice, she had her locks changed. Meanwhile, Gunter [the ex] accrued three outstanding warrants for violating the order of protection.

Despite the new locks, the woman still did not feel safe. She called ADT Security to install a home security system. As the technician finished up the installation of the system on Tuesday, around 3 p.m., the woman went into her bedroom to grab her cellphone.

But the phone had vanished from where she’d left it. If there was a mystery to where it had gone, the reason was immediately — and alarmingly — apparent. A pair of feet poked out from underneath her bed. They were Gunter’s. That was when the woman thought she might die: It was his life or hers, as she would later tell WKRN News reporter Jessica Jaglois.

The woman drew a gun, shot Gunter in his left foot and told the ADT installer to dial the police. WZTV reported that she demanded the now-wounded Gunter give her back her phone, which he tossed to the woman from beneath the bed. She kept him there, weapon trained, until the authorities arrived. Police say he admitted to breaking into the house and stole the phone to prevent her from calling for help.

Link - https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/06/24/fearing-ex-boyfriend-woman-installs-security-system-only-to-find-him-under-her-bed/?hpid=hp_rhp-moretopstories2_no-name%3Ahomepage%2Fstory
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