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Member since: Tue Jul 7, 2015, 05:17 PM
Number of posts: 9,497

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Thanks to the swarm. I hope your echo chamber is shocked when reality strikes.

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New Music Video...with Bernie jamming to it

Move it like Bernie

Watch how French workers don't take cuts timidly


American Corporations don't realize or maybe they do, how docile the workers are....so far.

Call to Latino community to make the Democratic Party work for their votes


The article is rather harsh on President Obama, but I think the community is tired of waiting on immigration reform and it seems like there is a call in the Latino community to make the Democratic Party work for their votes.

...the Democrats more broadly–are starting to see Latinos as a political football to be tossed around when it suits their political needs.

That line really struck me because I think that is how minorities are treated in general by politics.

Gerrymandering not working well enough

So they decided to do this.

Ala. to Close 31 Satellite DMV Offices in Counties Where 75 Percent of Voters Are Black

labama requires a photo ID to vote.

This week Alabama decided to announce that it would stop issuing driver's licenses in certain counties because of budget cuts. Those counties happen to contain the highest percentage of nonwhite voters, an AL.com columnist has pointed out.

According to the report, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency announced (pdf) Wednesday that 31 satellite state Motor Vehicle Division offices would no longer have access to driver's license examiners as a result of the cuts, meaning that residents will have to travel to other counties in order to take care of their licensing needs.

AL.com's John Archibald was quick to notice that this new change, coming one year after the voter photo-ID law took effect, does not appear to be a coincidence. He is calling for the Department of Justice to open an investigation, the site notes.

So we agree Gerrymandering is a real problem to accurate voting

I shared this on a post for another poster but thought the larger DU population would like to do or read more about what is being done/what is trying to be done/ what hopes to accomplish.


http://independentlines.org/ their motto is "Reducing the Impact of Partisan Politics"

Here is just one article on their home page


Also, the Democratic Governors Association is doing what it can to link this issue to the Democratic nominee in the General Elections. I linked a NY times article to another post, but here I will link to their page so you can join if you wish.


Why didn't he mention h if he had the chance?

Oh, for the love and basketball, The old boycould do the right thing if he thought she's gotta have it. Let's face it he's an inside man and maybe the best man to judge some crooklyn candidate. He could get on the bus for h and be part of lumiere and company 4 little girls and even girl 6 and make 'em happy.

But maybe he's heard tales from the hood, college kids in a school daze over tuition and thinks Malcolm X wasn't a freak to be wary of so called friends.

If you are going to have the blues, why not have mo better blues and don't get bamboozeled at 3 am or even in the 25th hour.

Maybe he wants to live in a sucker free city. Maybe he's hearing more and more about what Bernie has been saying and doing and checking it out for himself. He's independent like that.

You know you are a Facebook Liberal when


You know you're a "Facebook Liberal," or a "Twitter Liberal," or a "Social Media Progressive" in 2016 when you enjoy spreading memes on Facebook and other social media platforms about the evils of the GOP.

Against gay marriage?

Hell no, that's for archaic Republicans and backward conservatives.

Is Dick Cheney a good guy?

Ummm... he's the embodiment of evil. And yes, you'll debate anyone on Twitter about how Bush's Iraq War destroyed the Middle East.

What about fossil fuels?

It's the Devil, and yes, Keystone XL is a bad idea.


Damn straight unions, they're the backbone of this country along with these people, and crazy free trade deals hurt American workers.

Wall Street greed?

Hurting the country, and those damn Republicans are in bed with Wall Street.

Democratic donors urge Joe Biden to challenge Hillary Clinton


Whatever else, when you have people of your own party trying to draft not one, (Warren) but two people to run against you, they just might not be that into you.

Oh no...Jorge Ramos is talking to Symon Sanders

This might lead to my people hearing about Bernie Sanders.

What? Yes, surprisingly Latinos also want to know more about Black Lives Matter. We care for our fellow humans.


Repercussions from the speech at LU


This is what we are talking about. People forgetting their label and listening, really listening. There is a knowing when you quiet yourself and allow.
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