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Member since: Wed Jul 22, 2015, 02:19 PM
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I'm curious...

about how the Jury system is being abused, and used as a weapon for people who don't agree with what you say based on politics not on if they are actually offended or not.

It seems to have a slant when it shouldn't.

Do you agree with the way the system is used or do you plan on mending it?

Morning Joe: Lifelong Republicans Will Vote for Hillary Over Trump or Cruz


By Scan

Rarely will you ever read a quote from "Morning Joe" Scarborough from me, but I will certainly make an exception considering what he said today:

"I am shocked by how many Republicans, that have always voted Republican, that have said they're gonna vote for Hillary if it's Cruz or Trump... I'm talking Deep South, Southern Baptist. I asked people who I expect to say yes, Cruz, go "Hell no. Hell no. No. I will never vote for Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. I will vote for Hillary Clinton before those two."

Sorry Joe, these are your two clear GOP frontrunners and they aren't going anywhere.

Every time I process info from Morning Joe I want to take 3 showers, but the GE is gonna be interesting. I just wonder how fractured the Republican Party is for people to vote for they're sworn enemy.

HRC Takes the Gold in Gold Standard Iowa Poll (+ two more & nat'l) - This Weekend in Primary Pol




Des Moines Register/Bloomberg- Selzer (Fivethirtyeight rating A+)

Clinton 48

Sanders 39

O’Malley 4
It is finally here! The “gold standard” in Iowa polling has arrived, and it shows the same thing we’ve seen elsewhere. Clinton has a strong, but not overwhelming, lead in Iowa, and it is fairly steady.

Clinton’s 48% is unchanged from their October poll (when Biden was excluded) while Sanders has slipped a bit, dropping two points from the 41% he had in their last poll. This poll is well within what we’ve seen in other polling, though Clinton is at the lower range of her support (high 40s to mid 50s) and Sanders is at the upper end up his (low thirties to low forties).

As one of the best pollsters in Iowa (and in the business in general) we can guess that this poll is probably the closest thing we’ve got to the current state of the race, and it isn’t too different from what we’ve seen elsewhere- Clinton has a lead in the high single digits to low teens pretty much across the board.

Cont in Link

Sanders Vs. Warren.

If it was Warren and not Hillary in this primary, and you HAD to pick one, who would get your vote and why?

Artist Recreates Captain America Punching Hitler With Ms. Marvel & Donald Trump


On Monday, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump called for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States." The controversial stance was met with plenty of backlash from mass-media, world leaders and of course, the Muslim community. Many people had assumed, or hoped, those comments would finally knock the reality TV star/businessman off his perch, but it didn't even make a dent. The most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that 64% of Republican voters did not find Trump's remarks offensive. In comparison, 72% of Democrats were offended by his comments.

Matt Stefani, an artist that goes by the name of Hip Hop Mummy, voiced his opinion on the issue by recreating the iconic Captain America Comics #1 (1941) cover, which has Steve Rogers dressed in his star-spangled banner costume decking Adolf Hitler. For Stefani's updated version, he has Muslim-American superhero Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, slugging Mr. Trump!

You can check out this brilliant artwork right below.

Prime Minister's reaction to refugees arriving in Canada will be a highlight in world history

By Jen Hayden



Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a world-class lesson in compassion last night when he personally greeted refugees arriving at the airport:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a battery of politicians from across the political spectrum were on hand at the Toronto airport to greet the refugees.

“You are home,” Mr. Trudeau said to the first passengers to disembark after a 16-hour flight from Beirut on a Canadian military aircraft. “You’re safe at home now.” The premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, gave them winter coats.

Under a plan announced by Mr. Trudeau’s new government, a series of flights will bring 10,000 Syrian refugees into Canada by the end of this month and a total of at least 25,000 before March.

Read the rest in Link

Polling Flood! Eight Polls Point to... a Stable Race-NH,SC,NJ and National -Today in Primary Polling

By TobyRocksSoHard

Clinton remains dominant with just three weeks left in 2015


Bernie Sanders’ biggest limitation


By Alex Seitz-Wald

BALTIMORE – Bernie Sanders came to a poor black neighborhood here for a photo op. He left with a PR problem.

The Vermont senator and Democratic presidential hopeful toured the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood on Tuesday – where Freddie Gray was arrested earlier this year – to highlight racial injustice. “Anyone who took the walk that we took around this neighborhood would not think you’re a wealthy nation, you would think you’re in a third-world country,” he said.
Sanders spent about 25 minutes walking past boarded-up houses surrounded by an enormous mass of reporters who swarmed to capture images of the presidential candidate among the urban blight. But back at a community center, where Sanders met with black pastors before a press conference, what stood out from the day was the unusual request from his spokesperson: “Stay on topic,” Symone Sanders asked. “Don’t ask about ISIS. It’s not on topic.”

No one seemed eager to ask about the terror group (Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim immigrants was the topic du jour). But now feeling compelled, a CNN reporter asked if Sanders was trying to avoid the topic. “You want to ask me about ISIS?” Sander bristled, flanked by black pastors. “We will talk about ISIS,” he replied tersely before quickly leaving the podium and ending the press conference.

Sanders’ flash of anger made headlines and threatened to overshadow the substance of the event. “Pastors wanted to make sure the topic of the day did not get lost. I asked press to stay on topic at a presser & they troll me,” Symone Sanders tweeted in defense.

Frustration with the press may be longstanding for Sanders, but it’s particularly acute now that the political discussion has moved to the less friendly terrain of national security, revealing the limitations of a candidate who has spent decades honing a single message he is reluctant to change. One of Sanders’ biggest strengths is his consistency, but it comes with an inflexibility that can makes him appear brittle.

Continued in link.

RW has fit over Joe Scarborough stating Hillary would be a "Unifying, Strong Leader against ISIS"

by floridageorge


“Morning Joe” Scarborough sent right-wing sites into a perplexed huff this morning for claiming that Hillary Clinton would be a “Unifying, strong leader against ISIS.”

Not usually linking to GOP friendly sites, but Newsbuster (the right’s answer to Media Matters) is the only site that has the “Morning Joe” video up already:


That sent a good number of RW sites into a tizzy, notably Freerepublic.com, but others as well.

Here is the quote that got them in a tiff:

What an amazing brand she would have to offer the American people right now. Even Republicans that are in search of a unifying, strong leader against ISIS."
Here the full transcript of the segment:

She's going to win the Democratic nomination. What Americans want is a strong, unifying leader. And Katty, I remember talking about her work as a senator. I remember talking to Trent Lott very early on, after Hillary Clinton was a senator, and going up to him and going: what's Hillary like? What's it like working with Hillary? He goes: she's great. She's bipartisan, she does her homework, she keeps her head down. I wish every senator was like her. It reminds me of the question asked of David Petraeus. When he was at the height of the surge, Joe Klein asks, who, what senator is best informed about your fight and what you need to win this war and Petraeus immediately said, oh, you mean other than Hillary Clinton? What an amazing brand she would have to offer the American people right now. Even Republicans that are in search of a unifying strong leader against ISIS.

Not really agreeing with Hillary being “bipartisan” here, obviously she is highly partisan to the point where supporters of other Democratic candidates chide her for being too “unfriendly” to Republicans, although her unfriendliness was more aimed at the GOP candidates and the far right wing of the party, not those rare but still somewhat around moderate GOP critters in positions of power. But for a Republican like Scarborough to come out and state categorically that Hillary would be a “unifying, strong leader against Isis”, even for members of his own party, shows a few things:

1. Hillary is seen by most Americans as the best leader on foreign policy and dealing with an international crisis. Every poll that has asked about this has shown it, and we are seeing even Republicans not on the extreme fascist right admit to it.

2. The GOP candidates and leaders have been exceptionally poor in reacting to terror in Paris, San Bernadino, Colorado Springs. They either underwhelm with their “Aw shucks” attitude when it comes to domestic terrorism from the Christian Right, or reflexively overreact and seek to smear entire religions, trying to introduce naked fascism to the country.

Hillary is the right leader for all Americans in these uncertain times.
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