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Member since: Fri Jul 24, 2015, 01:17 AM
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YouGov/Economist National Poll: Biden 26 (-2), Sanders 24 (+6), Warren 20 (-1)


Why Bernie is best suited to lead on foreign policy.

Here's one of Bernie's pleas on the House floor in the lead up to Iraq. Everyone knows he voted against the war, but what stands out to me about this video are the questions and concerns he raises about the consequences of an invasion. This shows that he's willing to consider these types of situations with a cool head and think through the repercussions of military action.

EDIT: I see I unleashed the horde with this post. Here's some more videos of Sanders talking about foreign policy issues.

Talking about the Israel-Palestine conflict:

Talking about trade with China (first few minutes):

NYT: Fact-Checking Joe Biden Before the Iowa Caucuses.


"The former vice president has made inaccurate claims this month about his record on Social Security, race and foreign policy."

Goes into several issues related to Biden's history as a legislator and VP. Here's how it starts:

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. remains atop most national polls before the first votes are cast next month in the Democratic presidential primary. Before the Iowa caucuses, The New York Times reviewed recent statements he made defending his decades-long career, stressing his standing in the black community and highlighting his perceived strength on foreign policy. Here’s a fact check.


Mr. Biden tried to defend his record on Social Security and birth control with questionable claims.


Antonia Hylton, a reporter for Vice News: “Do you think, though, that it’s fair for voters to question your commitment to Social Security when in the past you’ve proposed a freeze to it?”

Mr. Biden: “No, I didn’t propose a freeze.”
— at the Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum last week in Iowa

False. In 1984, faced with budget deficits under the Reagan administration, Mr. Biden was a co-sponsor of an amendment with two Republican senators that froze for one year nearly all military and domestic spending, including cost-of-living adjustments to Social Security benefits.

Sanders Campaign Response to the Joe Rogan Endorsement


New SurveyUSA GE Poll: Sanders 52 Trump 43, Biden 50 Trump 43


Buttigieg 47 Trump 44
Warren 48 Trump 45

Bloomberg does well too, but all others are either barely winning, tied, or losing.

Biden wanted to freeze the federal budget. That equates to cutting SS and Medicare benefits.

I found an article discussing a hypothetical 3-year budget freeze and what that would mean to various government programs. Here's how freezing the budget would affect Social Security and Medicare. (EDIT: Someone already pointed out that Ben Carson is mentioned in the article. That's not the important part folks, ignore it.)


Social Security (24 percent of the 2018 budget): Social Security spending is projected to grow by $130 billion over the next three years due to more people becoming eligible for the program and benefits growing over time to keep up with wage growth and inflation. Avoiding this increase altogether would require cutting all benefits by 12 percent, and it would be impossible to freeze spending if current beneficiaries were exempted from cuts. No Social Security plan past or present has proposed a cut of close to 12 percent for all beneficiaries that quickly.

Medicare (14 percent of the 2018 budget): Spending on Medicare programs is expected to increase by $51 billion between now and 2018 as retiring baby boomers continue to enroll in Medicare and as health care costs increase.

Considering the budgets for Social Security and Medicare generally increase every year through cost of living increases and more people becoming enrolled, freezing their budgets would mean reducing benefits paid out by $130 billion and $51 billion over 3 years respectively for Social Security and Medicare.

Joe Biden has tried to freeze the federal budget at least four times. That is four times he has tried to cut Social Security and Medicare.


New Reuters National Poll: Sanders 20, Biden 19, Warren 12, Bloomberg 9, Buttigieg 6


New Emerson NH Poll: Sanders 23, Buttigieg 18, Biden 14, Warren 14, Klochubar 10


All others single digits.

Cory Booker on Warren/Sanders dispute: Nobody should be attacking their character.

He's right. Character attacks are out of line and ultimately unproductive. Let's stick to the issues.

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