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Member since: Fri Jul 24, 2015, 12:17 AM
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I'm going to canvass in NH tomorrow!!

First time going out and interacting with potential voters in person. This is going to be a lot of fun. Phone bank! Canvass! Do whatever you can do reach out to people!

Clinton calls Bernie part of the 'establishment'


Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton on Thursday sought to turn Sen. Bernie Sanders' "establishment" attack right back on him -- saying he served in Washington much longer than she did.

She also attacked his experience and fitness to lead the country, criticizing his suggestion that the U.S. should warm its relationship with Iran.

The Democratic front-runner told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on "The Situation Room" that Sanders' charge that Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign support Clinton because they are all part of the establishment didn't make sense to her.

"I just don't understand what that means. He's been in Congress, he's been elected to office a lot longer than I have," Clinton said.

She noted she only served in the Senate for eight years.

"He's been in the Congress for 25. And so I'll let your viewers make their own judgment," Clinton said.

Just when you thought this race couldn't get any weirder.

New CNN Iowa Poll: Bernie 51, Hillary 43, Martin 4


Have a look at that!

Hillary is throwing everything into Iowa. If she loses there it may be the beginning of the end.

She is pulling all of the punches, rolling out the celebrities, sending out her surrogates. This could be all over within the next couple of weeks. Hold on to your butts.

CNN to hold a Democratic Town Hall week before Iowa


Washington (CNN)The Democratic presidential hopefuls will face voters in a CNN town hall on Monday in Des Moines -- one week before the highly anticipated Iowa caucuses.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will field questions from Iowa Democrats in this prime-time event hosted by the Iowa Democratic Party and Drake University.

"We are honored to partner with CNN on their town hall with our three fantastic Democratic candidates," said Dr. Andy McGuire, chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. "With this event airing just one week before the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses, it's an incredible opportunity for Iowans to see our candidates detail their plans to move our country forward and their vision for Iowa and the nation."

The town hall, which will be moderated by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, will air from 9 p.m.-11 p.m. ET, the network announced. A CNN spokesperson added that it will make the town hall available to its Iowa affiliates to air live.

Note that this is not a debate. It's more of a forum where audience members will be able to ask the candidates questions. It seems the DWS and the DNC are a little nervous about Hillary's position heading into the Iowa caucuses and have now given her an opportunity to make up ground.

New CNN New Hampshire Poll: Bernie 60, Hillary 33, Martin 1



Edited to add O'Malley's numbers in the title.

New ARG New Hampshire Poll: Bernie 49 (+2), Hillary 43 (-1), Martin 3 (No Change)


A direct link to the source poll gives a 403 error. Might be fixed soon.

Hillary's new slogan: No We Can't!

Most Americans want single payer healthcare: No We Can't
Free public college tuition: No We Can't
To break up the large financial institutions that caused the 2008 collapse: No We Can't
The rich to pay their fair share of taxes: No We Can't
Get big money out of politics: No We Can't

She is running the most Debbie Downer campaign I have ever seen. That's not what good leadership is about, and end up costing her the election.

MSNBC Lead Story: Sanders Dominates Democratic Debate


(Title of OP taken from headline. Actual title of article is different)

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – Bernie Sanders dominated Sunday night’s Democratic debate here, overpowering Hillary Clinton in a format she typically controls. With polls showing Clinton on the ropes in Iowa and New Hampshire, Sanders’ strong performance may have further imperiled Clinton’s once-inevitable path to her party’s presidential nomination.

Touting his surging poll numbers in the two key early states, Sanders was prepared and in command throughout the two-hour debate sponsored by NBC News and YouTube. In previous appearances, Clinton has easily dominated the stage. But turning in his strongest debate performance yet, Sanders drove the conversation – brushing aside her attacks as he doggedly returned to his core message of political revolution.

RELATED: Sanders and Clinton clash on health care at Dem debate

In the long arc of a primary campaign that began with warm relations between the two top candidates only to turn acrimonious over side issues, Sunday night was the first time voters saw the core divide between Clinton and Sanders.

They clashed over their approach to governing – revolution or evolution – in a way broadly hinted at since the day each got into the race but was somewhat obscured until now.

Here it is: Bernie's Single Payer Healthcare Plan


Similar to his 2013 proposal. Check it out for yourselves.

Some Highlights:

Bernie’s plan will cost over $6 trillion less than the current health care system over the next ten years.

The United States currently spends $3 trillion on health care each year—nearly $10,000 per person. Reforming our health care system, simplifying our payment structure and incentivizing new ways to make sure patients are actually getting better health care will generate massive savings. This plan has been estimated to save the American people and businesses over $6 trillion over the next decade.

The typical middle class family would save over $5,000 under this plan.

Last year, the average working family paid $4,955 in premiums and $1,318 in deductibles to private health insurance companies. Under this plan, a family of four earning $50,000 would pay just $466 per year to the single-payer program, amounting to a savings of over $5,800 for that family each year.

Businesses would save over $9,400 a year in health care costs for the average employee.

The average annual cost to the employer for a worker with a family who makes $50,000 a year would go from $12,591 to just $3,100.

The Plan Would Be Fully Paid For By:

A 6.2 percent income-based health care premium paid by employers.
Revenue raised: $630 billion per year.
A 2.2 percent income-based premium paid by households.
Revenue raised: $210 billion per year.

This year, a family of four taking the standard deduction can have income up to $28,800 and not pay this tax under this plan.

A family of four making $50,000 a year taking the standard deduction would only pay $466 this year.

Progressive income tax rates.

Revenue raised: $110 billion a year.

Under this plan the marginal income tax rate would be:
37 percent on income between $250,000 and $500,000.
43 percent on income between $500,000 and $2 million.
48 percent on income between $2 million and $10 million. (In 2013, only 113,000 households, the top 0.08 percent of taxpayers, had income between $2 million and $10 million.)
52 percent on income above $10 million. (In 2013, only 13,000 households, just 0.01 percent of taxpayers, had income exceeding $10 million.)

Taxing capital gains and dividends the same as income from work.

Revenue raised: $92 billion per year.

Warren Buffett, the second wealthiest American in the country, has said that he pays a lower effective tax rate than his secretary. The reason is that he receives most of his income from capital gains and dividends, which are taxed at a much lower rate than income from work. This plan will end the special tax break for capital gains and dividends on household income above $250,000.

Limit tax deductions for rich.

Revenue raised: $15 billion per year

Under Bernie’s plan, households making over $250,000 would no longer be able to save more than 28 cents in taxes from every dollar in tax deductions. This limit would replace more complicated and less effective limits on tax breaks for the rich including the AMT, the personal exemption phase-out and the limit on itemized deductions.

The Responsible Estate Tax.

Revenue raised: $21 billion per year.

This provision would tax the estates of the wealthiest 0.3 percent (three-tenths of 1 percent) of Americans who inherit over $3.5 million at progressive rates and close loopholes in the estate tax.

Savings from health tax expenditures.

Revenue raised: $310 billion per year.

Several tax breaks that subsidize health care (health-related “tax expenditures”) would become obsolete and disappear under a single-payer health care system, saving $310 billion over ten years.

Most importantly, health care provided by employers is compensation that is not subject to payroll taxes or income taxes under current law. This is a significant tax break that would effectively disappear under this plan because all Americans would receive health care through the new single-payer program instead of employer-based health care.
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