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Meghan McCain talks ORAL SEX on "The View".

Today I found myself listening to Meghan McCain talk about her first experience with ORAL SEX. To be clear, McCain stated on "The View" she learned about oral sex from Bill Clinton. This isn't the first time McCain stated she learned about oral sex from Bill Clinton. She has been saying this for years. In fact, years ago she wrote a book stating this.

The Monica Lewinsky scandal unfolded when McCain was 14, and to her dismay, was responsible for her first exposure to the definition of “blow job” – “Yes ladies and gentlemen, Meghan McCain’s first exposure to oral sex was also, sadly, political,” she writes.

Clearly this disgusting behavior by McCain is her attempt to score political points, to get her face on teevee, and in doing so to make money. I think it's time we shut this convo down!

To be clear, Bill Clinton never talked about oral sex. Republican pundits (such as Meghan McCain) have; Republican politicians (such as John McCain) have; and Republican Special Prosecutors (who could find no criminality except not disclosing consensual sex) have.

McCain's objective is transparent; she continually tries to vilify Bill Clinton. I find it deeply offensive that Meghan McCain continues with this trope. To help her see the error of her ways, I think it only fair to ask Megan McCain what her thoughts are on her father's infidelities and his multiple marriages. Since she claims to be knowledgeable about oral sex, has she had the conversation with her parents; are they knowledgeable too? Meghan McCain is recently married. Has her knowledge benefited her husband? The guy does smile alot; he's Republican pundit Ben Domenech. Hey Ben, is Meghan knowledgeable?

See how that works, Meghan McCain. You disgust me! STFU!
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