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A Majority of House Democrats Do Not Support Impeachment.

According to recent reporting, a majority of House Democrats do not support impeaching the president; only a few dozen or so Democrats support impeachment.

Also, according to reporting, the majority of Americans do not support impeaching the president; only around 29% of Americans support impeachment.

So why is it that we are inundated with impeachment talk everywhere we turn to for news? It's a non-starter given these facts.

Now, I get it. I would like this corrupt, incompetent, POS forcibly evicted from the White House. Impeachment would give me great satisfaction and would validate my faith in the constitution and justice. But given the above statistics, it ain't gonna happen. Maybe, and that's a big MAYBE, the Congressional hearings will reveal enough to alter the current landscape. I'm not going to hold my breath.

But has everyone forgotten the wall to wall coverage of "Hillary's emails" and the damage that did to her presidential campaign? The wall to wall coverage of Democrats not impeaching Donald Trump is doing the same thing. The Democratic party is being damaged by the MSM's incessant coverage of impeachment. Weak, fearful, unorganized; you name it. That's the theme about Democrats not impeaching Trump.

It's time to stop falling for this...and even call out the MSM for its role in creating this havoc within the Democratic party.
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