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Member since: Mon Aug 3, 2015, 06:50 PM
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bernie was against the superdelegates before he was for them

question: if bernie loses the primary what will he do with the revolution he started?

will he stay with the democratic party and try to keep the younger voters energized or will he leave the party and go back to being an independent?

congrats to the good people of chicago who had a way to shut that whole thing down

this clinton supporters says CONGRATULATIONS to bernie on his michigan win

no snark no jokes ...........congrats!

Sanders's comment on white people and poverty creates social media stir

"When you are white, you donít know what itís like to be living in a ghetto, you donít know what itís like to be poor,


NRA tweets support for Bernie Sanders

Sanders replied that if a gun was legally purchased, he disagreed with holding the gun manufacturer liable.


Clinton to call for 'clawback' of tax benefits for outsourcing companies

Under the proposal, the benefits that would be rescinded for companies that outsource would include the research and development tax credit and the domestic production deduction. The claw-back would apply for several previous years and in cases where companies received relief for facilities and jobs that they subsequently moved abroad, the aide said.

While the claw-back is a new approach at the federal level, several states now have or have considered proposals that would rescind incentives for companies that move production out of their jurisdictions, according to the aide.


a question about primary material not being kept in gd:p

posters are using the video and multimedia forum to circumvent what you said about primary material (see below)

Star Member Skinner (61,171 posts)
1. I tend to think that anything related to the primary belongs in GD: Primaries.

when i alerted on primary material being being in the v&m forum i was told this by a moderator

"Unfortunately our hands as Hosts are tied on the matter. Since the forum Statement of Purpose doesn't specifically exclude Primary videos we cannot lock them for being in the wrong forum. I understand where you're coming from. All I can say is I hope the primaries are over soon!"

i am hoping you can clarify this discrepancy - it is my understanding that all primary stuff should be posted in gd:p i would have thought that what you said about primary material would pertain to all forums. can you please clear this up

thanks for your time
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