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Member since: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 03:58 PM
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I've been surprised the Obama admin hasn't done more on this case

I've read a bunch of stuff on the case but I'm no expert so I'm not convinced he's innocent because of that. He may well be innocent. I just haven't got to the bottom of it.

But I have been left with a bad odor - something smells about this case. I just don't know it well enough to be sure what exactly that smell is.

If there is a car accident and someone dies, does that mean to you

that someone must die in every car accident? Because the facts are that although some people die in car accidents, a lot of people do not die in car accidents and people do not die in every car accident. Outcomes between life and death vary in car accidents.

Accident investigations often determine reasons based upon science as to why someone might die in a car accident and why someone else might not in a different car accident - usually because the circumstances were different in some way. Occasionally, it might just be luck ... "an inch more that way and they'd be dead!" So it goes with structural buildings when engineers look at what went wrong.

Not all buildings suffer structural failure due to fire. Some because they don't have faulty fire retardant like the WTC. Some because the jet fuel fire at the WTC burned hotter. Some because they didn't suffer the structural damage the WTC did when the jets slammed into it. Some because most structural steel towers are designed structurally differently than the WTC was for economical reasons to reach it's lofty height - where the walls were oriented more to bearing some/more of the load. Some because of the size of the WTC relative to other buildings.

Etc, etc, etc.

All these things and more determine whether a building will stand or fall in a fire. And the engineers don't rely on conspiracy theorists to arrive at their scientific conclusions!!

Since there is no way to know all those things yet for this Dubai hotel, then no one can provide a credible answer for some time to come - though one might make some good guesses as they get more info collected.

You have to look at ALL the factors as to why a building stands or falls much like the engineers did when they examined the cause of failure of the WTCs on 9/11. Nearly every situation is different. My father and I, both with structural engineering backgrounds, reviewed the thousand page plus report and thought it made perfect sense and was pretty well done. I'm well aware of wackos on the internet who saw it differently and there were scientific explanations for the exploding joints video but I did not see the conspiracy theorists present anything remotely credible.
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