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Member since: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 03:58 PM
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As the polls show, the GOP would rather face Hillary.

They've probably got hours of ads in the can to swiftboat her because she's provided them with 25 years of material. Knowing it won't be as easy for them to take on Sanders, they probably have their thumb on the scales.

They've been doing this sort of crap for decades (ie see Nixon's quiet financial support in 1968 for a Democrat to help divide and conquer the Dems).

Hillary is feelin' the Bern like many in the rest of the country

I say keep it that way - she had her chances - no debates.

Hillary can thank her co-Chair Debbie!

It's not a big deal to me personally but someone saying

"how is Hillary going to control Bill from keeping his hands off the White House interns?"

I suspect from the Clinton campaign perspective that they feel it's now going to be a problem for some voters.

You know the GOP are going to stoke those thoughts and for the (often sexually hypocritical) religious right, they'll be hand-wringing at the pulpit, prayin' to their Lord to keep the sex heathen out of the White House!.

So sad. But it's like a wedge issue. Or like Benghazi. Scrape a few more points off Hillary.

I hope Bernie pulls ahead and then says "no"

Might serve up Hillary and her co-chair, Debbie, a little justice.

Washington Post and Mediate have picked it up




Doesn't take a rocket scientist. Look at Clinton Foundation donors. Look at what happened during Clinton's time as
Secretary of State.



Shooting the messenger doesn't work if the messenger is delivering something of substance.

It remains to be seen if the FBI will find something of substance. Can't blame them for looking. But you can bet if the Condoleezza Rice Foundation was taking big donations and arm dealers were getting big contracts, folks around here would be all over it.

What the GOP will do even if she's innocent (and she very probably is) is damage her with innuendo. This is just part of the Clinton baggage Dems have to carry for her as a candidate.

That's the quote I thought of when I came into this thread

Hillary's real position on gun control is a weathervane pointing towards what will get her more votes at the time.

There's nothing different going on here. Once elected, all bets are off because Wall Street and lobbyists will dictate her position for re-election. That's how she's operated since she arrived in Washington.

Indeed. It's the Clinton campaign that's getting

nervous because Bernie has closed the gap in Iowa and overtaken her in NH.

Only 28% of Democrats polled in Iowa fairly recently think Hillary is trustworthy. The rest don't. That's not Bernie's fault. That's not the GOP's fault either.

If you want to talk about stagnating in the face of heavy ad spending, the Clinton campaign hasn't put much of a dent in the untrustwortrhy issue, have they?

For many, it won't matter where the candidate is from

- they'll go with the candidate they can trust.

Hillary may well be trying to be the most untrustworthy candidate ever elected president. And that's starting to look like it's going to be a really tough sell ....

A 1-2 win leaves the media on this race nothing to talk about except

how Hillary fell short and why folks are voting for Bernie for the first 20 days of the primary voting - when many start to tune in. It's major free advertising that is almost nothing but good for Bernie and almost nothing but bad for Hillary.

As a result, the downstream primary polls will tighten and at the very least, a competitive primary race is on.

Lose Iowa and it's much tougher for Bernie to make a race of it.

One other thing to keep in mind: Obama was decently ahead in NH and Hillary won in 2008. I think Blackbox.org documented some funny stuff happening with ballots. Whatever. Statement of the obvious as a reminder: leading in the polls doesn't count like an actual vote.

Bernie has to win both. He's now definitely in striking distance. No question about that.

Strongly recommended should Bernie pull it off

Go Bernie!!


Democrats are not supposed to point out when Hillary is not being honest again!! ...

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