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Member since: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 03:58 PM
Number of posts: 7,896

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This guy has issues

The thing is, a bunch of them lied at the last debate and the media didn't make that much of a collective fuss.

Get used to it: Trump will NOT apologize

He's narcissistic - kind of a sociopath

He's not apologizing to anyone because from his perch, we should bow down and thank God Trump exists, etc

I see Hannity is interviewing him tonight. He should be right at home: one racist chatting with another

Forgot when he went after the St. Regis Mohawks

“Are these the new neighbors we want?” (secret ad campaign he was fined and forced to apologize for)

Here's one of the offensive ads:


He's also gone after the Japanese and Chinese

Trump Mocks Asians: Uses Broken English While Speaking About China & Japan

Why ''The Apprentice'' is full of hot air. Mark Harris says it's time viewers got wise to the show's treatment of African-American contenders and Trumped-up fantasies

Of course, we can't forget all the disparaging remarks he's made against women ... arguably some hate there but I guess those are not "racist" ... but he looks down on them - they're not equal

If you're not a lily white male, then in Donald Trump's eyes, you're a second class citizen or worse. That's his 40 year old track record and legacy.

This man is not fit to be president.

Donald Trump Was Once Sued By Justice Department For Not Renting To Blacks


It's been discussed here before

I looked into that story back a few years ago. It has some merit.

Donald Trump Responds To Charges Of Racism (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Blames Crime On Blacks, Hispanics

More evidence beyond his recent rants about Mexicans being rapists, etc.

I regard his birther efforts as racist as well.

The guy has been a racist for a long, long time.

Interesting thread ...

I've never been supportive in an election of any Republican. I campaigned as a student for RFK. Supported MLK. Environment issues in the 60s. Won money for gays in college in a rights issue in the early '70s. Housing rights in '76, etc, etc, It's been a pretty long run. But now, I don't appear to fit in any more.

My favorite candidate by far for this primary is Bernie. I was a big Obama supporter, campaigned for him, still am a big supporter and going through that, I didn't care lots for Hillary - maybe left over some from when they competed against each other. I still don't. But if she wins, I'd take her over any Republican in a heartbeat - because of where she is on the issues compered to the GOP.

A month or so ago, before Bernie closed the gap some, I posted a comment something to the effect that I thought the gap was so large, it was going to be hard to overcome. Shortly afterwards, my posting privileges were revoked. No jury - never had one ever for my comments. I emailed to try to get an explanation for why but none came - my emails were ignored. I was dumbfounded .... and banned.

I guess, because I'm using my 1st amendment rights to point this out, I'll get banned again and this post deleted. Chalk up silencing one more supportive voice on a forum of all places to some bizarre version of "democracy!!"

But for those few who do get to read this, I can testify first hand from my own experience, the top post understates the issue. Through some odd sense of entitlement/intolerance, this site is taking out folks who are on your side at a time when you need all the help you can get. Those with so much in common and going in the same general direction should be able to get past their smaller differences and all be welcome to take a few more pulls on an oar.

I never even got to be a drama queen with "My panties are in a knot and I'm leaving" post anyway I fought for this stuff for 40-50+ years before DU.com showed up. I don't have to be a member here to continue to fight for what I believe in. It's weird when you have so much in common but I'm not losing any sleep over it.

Sincere good luck and all the best to you all.
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