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"it should also" is not definite -it's a statement of probability meaning it probably will come true

Given what charges would do to her candidacy/the democratic process for elections and the country, with them through the emails by the end of January, the FBI are very unlikely to wait until the general election is underway to charge her. They're already been through two thirds of her emails. There's no need to wait if they found criminal wrong doing. They can always add to the charges later. (Something like that would probably leak anyway)

FOIA's for Donald Trump (samples - not a complete list)

Other candidates have potential email problems

Someone FOIA fishing for Rubio documents

Crux, Bush, Rubio & Clinton February FOIAs

Didn't find any FOIAs on Bernie but that doesn't mean they're not out there.

The point of the above is they're all under some scrutiny. I'd concede with all of Hillary's emails out there, she's probably guaranteed some trouble - maybe not from the FBI or from the government investigations - but maybe, simply from from the GOP using the emails to infer bad things - the email gives their video some credible basis to spin BS from. They have tens of thousands to pick from. And therefore, Hillary is a higher risk. And I'd also concede with all of them, that the best time to nuke them with bad news is when they're in the general. But I do not see the FBI doing that. Could see the Senate investigation trying for that.

According to the audio on that link

8,000 pages were released yesterday. 2/3rd have now been releases. Two more batches at the end of December and end of January are to come.

So we'll have time to deal with anything controversial long before the primary is over from the email releases.

Also with that timing, given they will have established they've got through all the emails, if the FBI is going to do anything, it should also take place long before the primary is over.

Didn't want the other shoe to drop in the general election ...

fyi I think Hillary is shown beside Gerald Ford (on her left) in this 1968 picture

From the Clinton Presidential Library
"A 1968 congressional internship"
Couldn't find the larger pic - had read about it elsewhere
You can see where they signed the picture and wrote a note when you blow it up.

Ok then, use half of your brain and explain her meaning to us dummies

Explain how she can claim her Wall Street donations are due to 9/11 when she and her husband was receiving them long before 9/11.

The number of U.S. military personnel in Vietnam,

less than 800 throughout the 1950s, rose to about 9,000 by the middle of 1962.
—from 16,000 at the time of Kennedy’s death in November 1963 to 23,000 by the end of 1964.
- June 1965 Westmoreland was predicting the likely collapse of the South Vietnamese army, and he recommended the rapid dispatch of U.S. troops to undertake offensive missions against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese anywhere in South Vietnam. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, on a mission to Vietnam in early July, confirmed the need for additional forces. In late July, )President) Johnson took the final steps that would commit the United States to full-scale war in Vietnam: he authorized the dispatch of 100,000 troops immediately and an additional 100,000 in 1966.

The current debate/discussion reminds me of that time. It's too easy to get sucked in to war.

In other words, your allegation that Warren voted for Reagan is made up conjecture

with no sound factual basis.

Prove that please with links

Warren has declined to say who she voted for when asked about this.

So please provide the links that prove she ever voted for Reagan.

My sister is a registered Republican ... and voted for Obama both times.

Maybe Elizabeth supported a Republican at a more local level

Unbelievable and disgusting

And Hillary supporters wonder why we, independents and Republicans have such a hard time supporting her or trusting her ....

Even after she's caught (as it's been clearly established that Wall Street was heavily supporting her and her husband long before 9/11), she continues to deceive like Rudy Giuliani, using that terrible moment for her own personal deception ... It doesn't get much lower than that.

I no longer believe anything she says. I'm done. Mr Safire had it right.
She's a disgrace for doing that and a "congenital liar". Shame on her.

Hillary served as president of the Wellesley Young Republicans

and was involved with the Republican party for some years afterwards

Her father had been very supportive of the Republicans.

In 1968, when she was nearly 21, Hillary worked as a intern for Nixon’s future Secretary of Defense, Melvin Laird - who supported Nixon’s policies of invading Cambodia and escalating the war in Vietnam. And she had some acquaintance with future Republican president Gerald Ford. Hillary became eligible to vote on her Oct, 1968, 21st birthday.

1968 (approximate) picture of Clinton interning with Republicans - she has the white hair band.

She did attend some Democrat events around that time but some (Carl Bernstein? - can't recall where I read it) feel it was as an "operative" for Nixon, as was apparently a common thing for young Republicans to do back then.

By '72, she'd made the transition to the Democrats and worked with Bill Clinton to help Eugene McCarthy's bid (in Texas).

It was a long time ago. I'm just responding with this to those taking a swipe at Elizabeth Warren for her Republican registration of years ago. Both women are clearly Democrats with Hillary's positions closer to Republicans.

Wasn't Hillary a Goldwater girl in the 60s?

Of course, she was.

Don't think it takes much to assess Elizabeth Warren is a lot closer to Bernie Sanders' positions than Hillary. Hillary is the one in the media fighting allegations of being "Republican Lite".
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