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Member since: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 02:58 PM
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Something maybe not that important that bugged me ..

I was looking into the Panama thing in Hillary's emails and came across this:


Philippe Reines says

"With 7ish months left, plenty of time to run up the score on total countries. 110 is a reasonable goal. Here are the 94 countries left to choose from (asterisks appear next to countries you visited prior to becoming SecState, but not since - so they would count): "

So I read that and said to myself "Man, what a dick. Sending childish crap like a country count to a Secretary of State of the United States. Like she doesn't have more important things to do or think about in her busy schedule, etc instead of fussing around with a silly country visited count and running up the score - as if that seriously matters compared to her serious duties."

Next email I see is a reply from Hillary:

"Fw: 22 Additional Countries ... Pis print."

My reaction: omfg
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