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Imagine what Trump would be like in the White House for a moment

I know, it's nauseating. But some posters asked me to turn my post into a thread.

To do that, let's look at what has happened in the last couple of days, in no particular order
( and my list is probably incomplete):

- the back and forth with the Khan family that Trump can never win
- the stupid purple heart remark that prompts the Duckworth tweet
- the wacky, unsubstantiated, off-the-wall claim that the election is rigged
- Trump: 'I know far more about foreign policy' than Obama - another claim he cannot win
- McConnell, Christie and Ryan and McCain speak out against Trump's position with the Khans
- Obama hammers Trump as being unfit
- declines to endorse McCain & Ryan and criticizes Kelly Ayotte "as a weak and disloyal leader" who won't endorse him
- Top Maine Republicans decline to attend his rally
- Hillary books $100 mil in ads, Trump < $1 mil
- Hillary raises $90 mil in July, Trump $36 mil
- Trump plummets in the polls
- Trump loses decision in Trump U fraud lawsuit - prepare for discovery
- Trump 'Get the baby out of here' - at his rally
- Trump disparages Harrisburg, PA as looking like a war zone
- Trump goes after CNN, Washington Post and New York Times on twitter
- French President expresses revulsion at Trump
- a few GOP members break ranks expressing they will vote for Clinton
- Trump spokeswoman blames Obama for 2004 death of Cpt Khan
- Trump takes heat for going after fire marshal when Fire marshal was doing what Trump campaign agreed to
- Trump Foreign Policy Adviser Traveled To Russia Prior To Changes In GOP Platform
- Meg Whitman (R), Calls Donald Trump a ‘Demagogue,’ Will Support Hillary Clinton
- Donald Trump Made Boneheaded Comments About Sexual Harassment. Then His Son Made It Worse.

It's a dizzying shotgun blast of issues at or events with his campaign which is spiraling out of control - arguably because Trump can't handle it

I don't think how he would try to manage the White House would be a lot different.

It's a greatly under appreciated characteristic of President "no drama" Obama. He knows how to manage people by team building and getting them to do things for him and each other effectively. He's not reactionary. He plans and thinks things through. He measures his words so he doesn't inflame problems - he dials them down with careful choices of his words and keeps things thoughtful and civil.

With a dictatorship, which is effectively how the thin skinned racist seems to anticipate he'll govern, we're likely to get the chaos you see in the list above because there is no plan and no thinking. It's shoot from the hip at every little thing - reactionary - rather than picking your spots, mulling it over and executing a carefully thought out next step in the plan. A bunch of this week has been damage control for the stupid diarrhea coming out of his mouth and his childish reluctance to take responsibility for it with an apology - causing days of problems with the Khans rather than one moment. This is not an effective way to govern. It's really stupid.
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