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Member since: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 02:58 PM
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Why wasn't Trey Gowdy outraged by leaks related to Clinton emails

investigation along with the rest of the GOP? The hacking of classified Secretary of State emails was a national security issue. The Inspector General for the Intelligence Community was involved as was Comey and the FBI.

Why didn't Trey go after those leakers who provided info on the case to the media?

Rhetorical question?

Without those leakers, Flynn would still be Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and National Security Adviser to Trump and Comey might not be so pressured to look into Russia's involvement with Trump.

For 24 million more Americans, it's dirt cheap!!

.. as in the dirt tossed on their coffins ..

For every million uninsured, about 1,000 die

So Paul Ryan's plan is to quietly commit about eight 9/11s per year on the American people by 2026 or about 186,000 Americans dead due to a lack of healthcare by 2026 under Trumpcare.

Trump must think this is a smart plan because dead people can't vote. Or maybe he'll claim they're voting illegally from the grave.

Donate to Independent Special Prosecutor looking into Trump campaign & Russia

No brainer.

Bet the majority of America - not just the majoirty of the press would agree with me

+1 Это правда

They're going to kill some people

I've felt that since long before the election.
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