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Member since: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 03:58 PM
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We do not absolutely need a tape of the meeting with the Russians May 10th ...

White House counterterrorism adviser Tom Bossert, who was not in the May 10 meeting, learned about what Trump said when he read notes immediately afterward, a U.S. official with direct knowledge told NBC News. He immediately called officials at the CIA and the National Security Agency to report a security breach, the official said.

Trump's own people noted the compromise in their notes that Bossert read.

Vlad, you can sit this one out!

Nance: "these are people who hunt America's enemies within the U.S."


Stuff like the above is making me feel a little better about all of this.

It's a tragic place for a new administration to be for every American.
But "Truth, Justice and the American Way" can prevail if these people get to do their jobs and their results are prosecuted.

FBI agents are changing their FB profile pictures to Comey


more evidence of Trump's BS


How does Jeff Sessions square his letter firing Comey with this video

when he defends Comey for doing what he did in October and before?

Googled Image of Sessions Letter:

I note Sessions letter stands behind his deputy's allegations linked here:

Youtube Video from October 2016
Sen. Sessions on the FBI’s new investigation of Clinton’s email case

In that video above, Sessions says:
"He (Comey) had to tell the American people .. rather than keep it secret because if it is different than what he told the congress in his testimony and the American people uh then he had to correct it."

"I didn't like the meeting on the airplane (of Lynch and Clinton) ... it put Comey in a position where he had to make this announcement..."

"... And now he's (Comey) stepped up and done what his duty is I think"

"He's got evidence to go forward now with further criminal investigation. He has no other responsibility than to follow that and then tell the American people what he is doing.

"I think it's significant. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done it."

How do you keep a two faced, lying sack of shit like Sessions (who already perjured himself on Russia) as Attorney General of the United States when by basically his own admission in prior statements (above), blatantly conjures up contradictory bullshit to fire the FBI Director who is investigating him and his boss for their ties to Russians that messed with the general election?

This is way beyond Watergate.
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