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As Flynn left the courthouse, demonstrators chanted "Lock him up!"

As Michael Flynn left the courthouse, demonstrators chanted "Lock him up!" and "USA!"

Chris Riotta
18 December 2018 18:09



So we got a little justice done today ...

Yes, I think they will get into Trump's finances

Manafort subsequently plead guilty to conspiracy and witness tampering
Cohen subsequently plead guilty to lying to congress

But prior to those:

Manafort VA crimes (8 convictions, plus 10 admissions of guilt):
5 falsifications of income tax returns,
4 failures to file foreign bank account reports,
4 counts of bank fraud, and
5 counts of bank fraud conspiracy

Cohen's crimes he originally plead guilty to
5 counts of tax evasion
1 count of making an excessive campaign contribution,
1 count of causing an unlawful corporate campaign contribution
1 count of making false statements to a federally insured bank

Do you see the pattern?
They're all financial crimes.

Now they've got the Trump Chief Financial Office for decades, Allen Weisselberg, accepting a grant of immunity to spill Trump's financial beans.
He is cooperating with delving into Cohen's crimes

Weisselberg also will have to respond to the Trump Foundation lawsuit as Trump's personal piggy bank according to NY State AG

Weisselberg will also have to respond to Trump's family empire/entities hit with 30 subpoenas for Emoluments clause investigation. Multiple federal agencies involved.


Mueller has allegedly subpoenaed Deutsche Banks banking records for Trump
Duetsche Bank has connections with Kremlin controlled VTB bank and were fined for money laundering. VTB are alleged to have been in the loop to help finance the Trump tower in Moscow

There are some reports that stated Mueller already had Trump's tax returns.

Here's the point: you can lie about what you might have said to a Russian on the phone or at a dinner but it is much harder to lie about financial transactions because they leave an audit trail.

Follow the money. Robert Mueller has a lot more power to do that than two young Washington Post reporters did for Watergate.

When they couldn't get him on murder, they got Al Capone on tax evasion.
They did something very similar for Manafort and Cohen.

It is inevitable that they're going down this road to get Donald Trump.

State delegates call on Montgomery County police, prosecutor to investigate Kavanaugh allegations

Source: Baltimore Sun

Eleven state delegates from Montgomery County are calling on local police and prosecutors to investigate allegations that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh committed one or more sexual assaults while a high school student at Georgetown Prep in the 1980s.

In a letter addressed Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger, State's Attorney John McCarthy and lawyers Debra Katz and Michael Avenatti, who represent women accusing Kavanaugh of crimes, the lawmakers asked local authorities not to wait for an alleged victim to make a complaint to them before starting an investigation.
(Maryland Governor Larry) Hogan said Tuesday that the Senate should slow down Kavanaugh’s nomination process until it conducts a full and fair hearing.

“It’s very disturbing. It gives me great pause. There are credible charges and big concerns. They need to be heard,” he said after an event in Montgomery County. “They ought to take whatever time it takes to make sure these accusers are heard and he has a chance to respond to them.”

Read more: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/politics/bs-md-moco-delegation-kavanaugh-20180926-story.html

If an investigation of the allegations against Kavanaugh were underway by Montgomery County Police, it would increase the pressure on the GOP to pause their confirmation process.

Why is the decision on Kavanaugh so difficult?

I was reading about how they select and verify a Supreme Court Justice here:

that document has quotes like:
* “In addition to the obvious criteria any nominee for the Supreme Court ought to have—I suppose any nominee for any position on the judiciary ought to have—those of intellect, of integrity, and of judicial temperament, it is very appropriate of the Senate to inquire into a nominee’s judicial philosophy. Of course, that includes the nominee’s fidelity to the Constitution.”
Sen. Charles E. Grassley

* the “more appropriate standard” was that the nominee “have outstanding legal ability and wide experience and meet the highest standards of integrity, judicial temperament, and professional competence.”

* “When I face a Supreme Court nominee I have three questions: Is he or she competent? Does she or he possess the highest personal and professional integrity? And, third, will he or she protect and defend the core constitutional values and guarantees around free of speech, religion, equal protection of the law, and the right of privacy?”
Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski

* By contrast, Senator Orrin G. Hatch (R-UT), in testimony before the subcommittee, declared that
there “are myriad reasons why political ideology has not been—and is not—an appropriate
measure of judicial qualifications. Fundamentally,” he continued, “the Senate’s responsibility to
provide advice and consent does not include an ideological litmus test because a nominee’s
personal opinions are largely irrelevant so long as the nominee can set those opinions aside and
follow the law fairly and impartially as a judge.”

Kavanaugh has already been very questionable in terms of integrity while answering questions on torture during his years at the Bush White House, Judge Pickering, $200,000 credit card debt, an OSHA case, emails stolen from Democrats, Roe v Wade, disgraced Judge Kozinski from sexual misconduct allegations, etc.

But lets ignore those for the moment though many seem disqualifying to me and others.

Dr. Ford reluctantly came forward with allegations. Those allegations have been substantiated by passing a lie detector test, 2012 and 2013 therapist notes and some witnesses - some we have yet to hear from. Articles like this point to her credibility

In response to Dr. Ford's allegations, we have witnessed things like this:

We might be concerned some with statute of limitations with respect to Dr. Ford's claims. But to me, there are no statute of limitations on Kavanagh's recent response to Dr. Ford.

Kavanaugh has rejected due process for Dr. Ford. By sitting on his hands, he has rejected an investigation by the FBI to get to the bottom of the facts. He has aligned himself with people smearing Dr. Ford, bullying her and slamming the door on examining her claims fairly.

That to me is not conduct becoming a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Such a Justice would demonstrate possession of "high standards of integrity" by welcoming a FBI investigation and witnesses and evidence to clear his good name and "follow the law fairly and impartially" to deliver due process to Dr. Ford transparently - for all to see.

Kavanaugh through his inaction to date has failed to do that. In doing so, Kavanaugh revealed without any reasonable doubt that he lacks the "high standards of integrity" cited in the document above on selecting a Justice for the Supreme Court and he showed that he cannot be relied upon to "follow the law fairly and impartially"

Kavanaugh has already disqualified himself with his response to Dr. Ford's claims.

How is this a "witch hunt"?

Manafort recommended banker who gave him loans for Army secretary

Paul Manafort recommended a banker who allegedly loaned him money under false pretenses be nominated as President Donald Trump's Army secretary, Rick Gates testified Tuesday.

Gates, who was working on Trump's transition team, testified that Manafort had suggested Stephen Calk as a candidate for Army secretary two weeks after Trump was elected.

Manafort was Trump's campaign chairman in summer 2016 but resigned before the election. Gates, Manafort's longtime business partner and Trump's deputy campaign chairman, was working on the transition team and the inauguration.

"We need to discuss Steve Calk for Sec of Army," Manafort wrote to Gates on Nov. 24, 2016, in an email prosecutors showed the jury. He signed the email as "P."

Manafort emailed Gates again two days before Christmas in 2016. He told Gates he had attached contact information for various people he wanted to go to Trump's inauguration. That list included Calk and his son.

Here's a link from that article which further substantiates the article:

Beyond ample evidence of hiding foreign bank accounts, tax evasion and fraud obtaining bank loans in this particular criminal case against Manafort, how does the above square with 'nothing to see here - this is just a witch hunt of someone trying to sell a position as secretary of the army in exchange for a $16 million bank loan'?

This 'witch hunt' claim reminds me of the 'death panels' claim.

Why is an ex-campaign chair able to make such a proposal during the Trump transition?

I think Trump and Sarah Sanders ought to be hammered with questions on this - to demand an answer why having a court look at this conduct is a 'witch hunt'.

Trump declined giving Rod Blagojevich clemency ....

Investigation of Trump's threats against women

You may recall this Nov 2016 allegation:

Woman who accused Donald Trump of raping her at 13 drops lawsuit


Here's the video of her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, announcing she was too frightened to go through with the press conference and lawsuit because of the threats

Here is Stormy outlining her experience of being threatened

So Stormy sat down with Lois Gibson, a top composite sketch artist and ..

Sketch of man who Stormy Daniels says threatened her to be released

But they didn't release it ...

Because they have been cooperating with law enforcement and were asked to not make the sketch public yet.

There is a good chance that if a person is making threats like this, they are being paid and it would be logical that they would be paid by the "fixer" who represents the accused if a fixer exists because the accused is the key one who benefits most from the delivery of an effective threat.

That rape victim bailing out of her press conference always stuck with me. It seemed pretty chilling and sincere. And there may be traces of large sums of money to settle out of court as part of the withdrawal of the lawsuit ... which might have gone through one of Cohen's fake companies ....

How could the FBI not be looking at this? It appears from what Avenatti said that they are.

If the FBI were suspicious of this and had some potential evidence of it, that could be a pretty compelling story for a judge when it came to considering overriding attorney-client privilege with search warrants.

If I were an FBI agent looking into this, I would want to know the specifics of why that rape victim bailed out on that press conference. She probably was entitled to her day in court.

If they catch Trump & Cohen doing this, they're finished.

Shine the bright lights on these cockroaches and watch them scurry. I suspect that is a part of what is going on here.
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