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As Flynn left the courthouse, demonstrators chanted "Lock him up!"

As Michael Flynn left the courthouse, demonstrators chanted "Lock him up!" and "USA!"

Chris Riotta
18 December 2018 18:09



So we got a little justice done today ...

Yes, I think they will get into Trump's finances

Manafort subsequently plead guilty to conspiracy and witness tampering
Cohen subsequently plead guilty to lying to congress

But prior to those:

Manafort VA crimes (8 convictions, plus 10 admissions of guilt):
5 falsifications of income tax returns,
4 failures to file foreign bank account reports,
4 counts of bank fraud, and
5 counts of bank fraud conspiracy

Cohen's crimes he originally plead guilty to
5 counts of tax evasion
1 count of making an excessive campaign contribution,
1 count of causing an unlawful corporate campaign contribution
1 count of making false statements to a federally insured bank

Do you see the pattern?
They're all financial crimes.

Now they've got the Trump Chief Financial Office for decades, Allen Weisselberg, accepting a grant of immunity to spill Trump's financial beans.
He is cooperating with delving into Cohen's crimes

Weisselberg also will have to respond to the Trump Foundation lawsuit as Trump's personal piggy bank according to NY State AG

Weisselberg will also have to respond to Trump's family empire/entities hit with 30 subpoenas for Emoluments clause investigation. Multiple federal agencies involved.


Mueller has allegedly subpoenaed Deutsche Banks banking records for Trump
Duetsche Bank has connections with Kremlin controlled VTB bank and were fined for money laundering. VTB are alleged to have been in the loop to help finance the Trump tower in Moscow

There are some reports that stated Mueller already had Trump's tax returns.

Here's the point: you can lie about what you might have said to a Russian on the phone or at a dinner but it is much harder to lie about financial transactions because they leave an audit trail.

Follow the money. Robert Mueller has a lot more power to do that than two young Washington Post reporters did for Watergate.

When they couldn't get him on murder, they got Al Capone on tax evasion.
They did something very similar for Manafort and Cohen.

It is inevitable that they're going down this road to get Donald Trump.
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