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Investigation of Trump's threats against women

You may recall this Nov 2016 allegation:

Woman who accused Donald Trump of raping her at 13 drops lawsuit


Here's the video of her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, announcing she was too frightened to go through with the press conference and lawsuit because of the threats

Here is Stormy outlining her experience of being threatened

So Stormy sat down with Lois Gibson, a top composite sketch artist and ..

Sketch of man who Stormy Daniels says threatened her to be released

But they didn't release it ...

Because they have been cooperating with law enforcement and were asked to not make the sketch public yet.

There is a good chance that if a person is making threats like this, they are being paid and it would be logical that they would be paid by the "fixer" who represents the accused if a fixer exists because the accused is the key one who benefits most from the delivery of an effective threat.

That rape victim bailing out of her press conference always stuck with me. It seemed pretty chilling and sincere. And there may be traces of large sums of money to settle out of court as part of the withdrawal of the lawsuit ... which might have gone through one of Cohen's fake companies ....

How could the FBI not be looking at this? It appears from what Avenatti said that they are.

If the FBI were suspicious of this and had some potential evidence of it, that could be a pretty compelling story for a judge when it came to considering overriding attorney-client privilege with search warrants.

If I were an FBI agent looking into this, I would want to know the specifics of why that rape victim bailed out on that press conference. She probably was entitled to her day in court.

If they catch Trump & Cohen doing this, they're finished.

Shine the bright lights on these cockroaches and watch them scurry. I suspect that is a part of what is going on here.
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