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Member since: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 02:58 PM
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Interview with Leading COVID-19 Expert From South Korea

I've been reading a lot of media and checking into the medical side of this.

I thought this was as good an interview on the virus as any I'd seen for the general public.

He covers a lot of the questions.

I searched to see if it had been posted and didn't see that it had.

He provides various scenarios on where this might go.

But he spends some time talking about how one catches this virus. He feels it can get into the air beyond sneezing or coughing and that we should be wearing masks and glasses to avoid getting infected through our eyes.

Those statements check out with anecdotes about how others have spread the infection that I've seen and other medical studies on how viruses get into the air.

Some may have heard too much on this virus and that I completely understand.
For many, this will be time well spent where you might learn something that helps you avoid getting sick or it might be something you send to someone sitting on the fence about taking it seriously.

Stay safe.
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