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Gender: Female
Hometown: Florida
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Sep 19, 2015, 06:45 PM
Number of posts: 915

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gun nuts who talk about facts never mention that congress cut funding to research into gun


real facts would show the benefits of gun control.

to put it another way, imagine there is a raging fire in a wood area. in the center of the fire they try to keep the trees moist but the raging fire overcomes the attempts to moisten the trees. gun nut logic would be that water does nothing to stop fires.

Salman Rushie death sentence

It would be interesting to find out what proportion of the muslim community supports the death sentence against Salman Rushie because of the alleged blasphemy against the religion. I'm sorry, but to me this is intolerant and concerning. I don't know of any other modern religion that has supported such an action, especially at the state level. I have asked some of my muslim friends this question and was shocked to find that more than half either supported or 'understood' the death sentence against an innocent writer.

he may be. but i think he's tapping into frustration that alot people are feeling

- an attack on freedom of speech by islamist radicals
- blowing up people at the boston marathon (by muslim refugees that were allowed to come here for a better life)
- the Islamic hatred of Israel
- the massacre last week by another muslim that was welcomed into the country and even given a baby shower by the people she would kill - and their plans to do so much more damage had the police not stopped them.
- 911
- Paris
- Attacks in England

The only message from our leaders seems to be to love, understand, be tolerant, and wait to be slaughtered by islamist radicals.

there is NOT ONE republican candidate who is able or capable of running this country

a republican president based on the slate that is currently out there, I believe, will be the destruction of this country and much of the world.
- there will probably be a nuclear war
- the climate will be destroyed further
- health care gone
- the top 40 families will own even more wealth
- no middle class
- more black people dying at the hands of killer cops
- criminalization of weed
- more republican cronies on the supreme court
- elimination of voting rights and rules - only the select rich will be allowed to vote
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