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Gender: Female
Hometown: Florida
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Sep 19, 2015, 06:45 PM
Number of posts: 915

Journal Archives

Can somone ask Obama to let Don Siegelman out of jail and stop this

disgusting injustice perpetrated by karl rove?

let's do this!!

Quick - let's build a wall so trump can't get back from Mexico - and his kids will pay for it.

anderson cooper needs to go - everyone should stop watching his show. He is a right wing shrill

incredibly slow witted and allows republicans to get away with lies and lies.

just stop watching his show so maybe we could get a real journalist on.

Don Lemon is much better - for now - but he too is softening.

If trump wins the election its ONLY because he stole it.

that is the ONLY way trump could win.

People who vote or defend Trump

These people are either:

1. stupid
2. racist
3. liked to be ruled over by a king
4. all of the above

trump is a dangerous, deluded, self centered tyrant who has already signaled that he's going to create a horrible society.

Hunting - horrifying to see 12 year old girls and grown men slaughtering animals and feeling


These are sociopaths and more. Disgusting that some will celebrate a smiling 12 year old posing beside the beautiful Giraffe she killed or the moron who killed a bear with a spear.

Disgusting cowards.

Trump's message to Black People: he has no respect for minorities and feels

they have nothing so he can do nothing for them.

CNNs Don Lemon is fantastic. He doesn't let the trump surrogates get away with their


You can see how frustrated the trump stooges get on the show in being called out for their bullshit.

Trumps Make America Great time would actually see him in jail for his communist ties

The irony is undoubtedly lost on this treasonous buffoon, but if he had his way and brought America back to the time he thought it was great - trump himself would be tried for treason and put in jail because of his communist leanings and public request for Russia to steal state secrets.

Does anyone know the GOP options if Trump were to withdraw from the race?

I'm hoping we win by default but I don't know the rules
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