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Member since: Fri Oct 2, 2015, 12:07 PM
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I fear both an HRC and a Trump presidency

HRC will implement a hawkish PNAC inspired foreign policy.. I'd count on three or four "regirne changes", escalation in the ME, more mischief in Latin America, a good chance of war with Iran, and possibly WW3 as her and Putin will butt heads.

Trump is isolationist, but will focus his evil fascist tendencies inward. I see walls being built, possibly with prison labor, federal sanctioned discrimination and violence against immigrants, possiblly I fear, even "camps" for Muslims and other "enemies" of "American greatness"

Which would be worse? Both are nightmare scenarios IMO and it may come down to where you live and who you are. God help us in either case.

There *is* a difference between Democrats and Republicans

Example, Jimmy Carter vs. Ronald Regan. Different universe.

However, barring a couple social issues, there is *NOT* much differnce between HRC (and other third way DOINOs) and Repiblicans,

-Both favor massive, complex, pro Corporate trade laws
-Both favor massive influx of H1B visas
-Both favor strict, punative drug laws
-Both are pro Defence
-Both are for private prisons
-Both are pro death penalty
-Both put corporate interests over the environment, ie fracking and pipelines
-Both endorse other republicans commonly
-Both admire Kissinger
-Both are agressive posturing war hawks


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