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Member since: Fri Oct 9, 2015, 07:32 PM
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New York must be looking mighty good for Hillary

First the Sanders spin team starts yammering about how they would consider 40% a win, and now social media is filling up with pre-emptive "we was robbed" posts claiming that the voter rolls in NY are being purged.

Looks like they know they are going to get crushed.

I realized why Bernie polls higher than Hillary in the GE polls

It's because the Hillary supporters tell the pollstesr that they will vote for Bernie if he's the nominee, but the Bernie supporters don't tell them they will vote for Hillary.

Cruz looks to be winning Maine caucus

Its looking more and more like Republican Ted Cruz will win the Maine caucuses on Saturday, with unofficial reports saying he won at least five counties and Portland.

This is a bit of a surprise: Maine was expected to be a strong state for frontrunner Donald Trump, since he won New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont.

But according to early tallies, Cruz is sweeping the state: He has apparently won Hancock, Androscoggin, Lincoln, Waldo, and Kennebec counties, plus Portland everywhere that weve seen reports so far.

However, hes not running so strong that hes guaranteed all of Maines 23 delegates. To do that, hell have to get more 50 percent of votes.


Sheshe's tribute thread for Cha was hidden

If this is the way people act on a message board, how will they act if their "revolution" achieves state power?

"Hey, who are you voting for?"

"Hillary Clinton."

"Oh, what a dirty trick!"

"What dirty trick?"

"You told me you were voting for Clinton."

"How is that a dirty trick?"

"It demoralized me."

Rachel just told Tulsi Gabbard

that her endorsement "gave an enormous boost" to the Sanders campaign.

I'm not sure about that, but it sure gave an enormous boost to the amount of face time Tulsi gets on TV.

~and the lights all went out in Massachusetts~

MSNBC calls it for HRC
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