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Name: Kevin Foxe
Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit/Michigan/Midwest
Home country: USA
Current location: Florida
Member since: Wed Oct 14, 2015, 09:59 PM
Number of posts: 3,133

Journal Archives

Panama Papers - Bernie on the right side, now gets to explain things in debate!

Bring it on!

Bernie's history in office is so profound, it's hard to track it all.
This ....is a biggie! It's cost more than the war in dollars, and this vulgarity of greed must be stopped. Even if that means we learn a few people are not who we thought they were.


I want Bill's transcripts! For speaking the the health ins. lobby!!!

Gads...premiums went up double! What's going on with these insurance companies in the ACA? Many don't even have specialists in them, or doctors in a 20 mile radius!

It's the insurance companies that don't want to play ball.

It's fair to ask of Bill, as Hillary did say she was putting him on the world stage for OUR economics!

I want to see Bill's transcripts from this crosspost:


Bill Clinton Was the Keynote Speaker for the Health Insurance Lobby Bash in Nashville

This is from June, but most relevant today!

Clinton's cozy relationship with the group that killed the 'public option' seems ill-timed.

more at link.....

Hillary cannot have the 'high ground' after NV, after total silence on AZ and MA.

Lawsuits in both states and crickets from Hillary.

This is not Bernie, when Hillary's delegates don't show up.

Bill Clinton Was the Keynote Speaker for the Health Insurance Lobby Bash in Nashville

This is from June, but most relevant today!

Clinton's cozy relationship with the group that killed the 'public option' seems ill-timed.

By Zaid Jilani / AlterNet
June 3, 2015

The Clinton's made over $100 million from paid speeches to domestic and foreign corporations since the year 2000. Much of this money came from Wall Street banks, health care companies, and other corporations with interests before the government – raising concerns about influence-buying.

After Hillary Clinton formally announced her own presidential run, Bill Clinton was asked whether he would continue to do paid speeches to groups that have interests before the government. He replied that he would, because “I gotta pay our bills.”
This week, the nature of paying the Clinton's bills will take the form of keynoting the Nashville conference of the America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the chief lobbying group for the health insurance industry.

Clinton will serve as the keynote speaker on Friday, in a session AHIP's schedule strictly rules that “no press” is allowed – meaning that we will have no idea what Bill Clinton plans to say to the insurers' lobby.

Interestingly, while Clinton is the main event, former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will speak at the conference the day before. His speech is titled: “Shaping America's Future: Major Trends, New Ideas, and Big Decisions.”

This isn't actually the first time Clinton spoke to AHIP. In June of 2010, just months after the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, the former president took $175,000 from the group for a speech at one of their events.

Recall that AHIP played the primary role in killing the public health insurance option and trying to sink the Affordable Care Act altogether. It was estimated to have funneled around $100 million into the Chamber of Commerce's scorched earth campaign to defeat the legislation.

Today, AHIP continues to advocate for deregulation of the health care market and to fight any move towards a more comprehensive and efficient system, such as an expansion of Medicare. By any measure, it stands completely opposed to the progressive health care agenda, which raises questions about why Clinton sees it as an appropriate outlet on his speech circuit.

Zaid Jilani is an AlterNet staff writer. Follow @zaidjilani on Twitter.
Time for more transcripts to be released, this time from Bill. Insurance has doubled under the ACA and many want to know what's causing this, and the ACA to unravel as costs escalate. Nice....now I want to see this transcript as much as Hillary's speech to Wall Street. Bernie needs to talk about this speech too!

Kick for all times zones, until everyone see the new talking point today.

No walk back, Donna!

Bernie 'walking back Hitler comment' is a bold face lie!!!!!

Bernie, sitting there with a Muslim, telling everyone that her young son locks his door in the house, because he is afraid of all the media drummed up hate toward his people. Bernie says he understands racial hate, as he has family members who lost their lives to Hitler.

Where is he saying Trump is like Hitler? When Bernie explains to George Step, I am not comparing, but telling similar real stories about real racial hate, it is not 'walking back'. Donna Brazille, an African American who certainly understands racial hate, has just lost credibility trying to diss Sanders for Hillary, on a racial hate comment. Bernie can relate, his family was involved in racial hate from Hitler. His uncles died! He can relate to the Muslim sitting beside him on the stage, who son lives in fear right here in America.

George Step and Donna Brazille should be removed from TV. Talk about insisting on racial hate where there is none, this is just despicable!

Flame throwers...from two who have not hidden their support of Hillary.
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