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Profile Information

Name: Kevin Foxe
Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit/Michigan/Midwest
Home country: USA
Current location: Florida
Member since: Wed Oct 14, 2015, 09:59 PM
Number of posts: 3,133

Journal Archives

Best thing for U.S. domestic policy and safety nets, is for Paul Ryan to be gone.

So...thank you Sarah! I'll take anyone over Paul Ryan.

The comments here about her trying to help another republican 'primary him', are troubling at best. Here on DU it's just part of a GOP shit show.

It's now obvious who is here on DU. A lack of history and current house agendas is obvious in the threads laughing at Sarah trying to take out Paul Ryan. Well for starters, democrats have failed over and over, in that seat.

Please look at Ryan's record, and his plans right now on his committee he so wanted to be in charge of when republicans got the house back.

Now, Trump wants to expand Soc. Sec. and stop engaging in wars. I actually hear people hear attacking that! Attack that if you want, while Hillary is waiting still, for the 'cat food committee' and making millions selling arms via the 'foundation'.

War...for sure. Trump says no. If Palin has endorsed Trump, I would think Ryan's opponent would be more in line with Trump. Whoever it is, let me tell you Paul Ryan is a dangerous man to anyone in this country, who has to work for a living and retire into our system. Paul Ryan has always scared the shit out of me, when I look at his actual work in the house. I thought as VP, at least he'd be out of the house. Well he's back in there with more power than ever. He needs to be gone.

If Sarah can get rid of him, the U.S. will be a better place. Yes, the optics are not what we want, in terms what this looks like abroad. Thank BOTH parties for that!

I hope Sarah is successful. I know a lot about what plans Ryan has for most Americans. So keep laughing. The dems have not been able to take him out with their candidates and they are not talking about these issues this cycle either. Notice? So maybe a different republican can take him out. Then maybe we can try for the seat in another year!

The real truth is Paul Ryan has to go!

Is Donald Trump, friend of Clinton the big planned hoax to make her the sure winner?

It's sure looks that way.

The media GAVE him half a billion in free 'earned' media. OMG! Look at Trump go! Can't stop him! Blah blah. Now they have all changed their tunes, in unison. That is not real.

I think what we are witnessing is the biggest hoax in America today! Reality TV Campaign with the reality TV's finest, and friend of the Clinton's. Now they want him gone. Funny....this all stinks of a hoax.

Imagine, if the people elect Trump, because it backfired. Backfire on the Clinton's, the Democratic Party, and our entire Congress.

This has been nothing more than reality TV. American's have been had.
Bernie, will not be berned.....Bernie is going to win!

The sun is setting dear Hillary, and I am done. I'm disappointed in the campaign that you ran.

Now, I'm tired of you already. I can't imagine another eight years of this. Thanks for everything, now please exit right.


It's to a point, even if you do release them now, I won't believe it's the real transcripts. The fact that you have refused to do this for so long now, is absolutely telling. You have been asked and you just dismiss us voters who want to know, and act like you just don't give a shit.

No transcripts? No integrity. Hardly presidential material.

Bernie Sanders just NAILED it on Face the Nation!

No video yet....but he was spot on!

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