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Name: Kevin Foxe
Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit/Michigan/Midwest
Home country: USA
Current location: Florida
Member since: Wed Oct 14, 2015, 09:59 PM
Number of posts: 3,133

Journal Archives

The Hillary group says we need to realize only the delegates matter.


Not the vote. Our vote doesn't matter....and they like that. Just read above how it's just fine, this is the way it is.

This is the democratic party? Hardly. We need a new one, and they sure are helping to usher one in, as messy as it will be healing.

Bill Clinton's pact with Newt Gingrich to Privatize OUR Social Security

Did You Know THIS? "The Pact: "Clinton, Gingrich, Bowles"

(How Many Knew This? ...I was too busy Defending Bill and Hillary against the RW CRAZIES to notice this at the time. I was new to the Internet and Clinton was MY and OTHERS...OBAMA!...I couldn't believe the Crap the RW Threw Against Him! I lost Friends defending him

NOW ....I'm Rethinking what I used to think about Clinton...when I was a Loyalist to him...)


How Monica Lewinsky Saved Social Security: Clinton, Gingrich, Bowles and “The Pact”

Please welcome Steven Gillon, author of The Pact: Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and the Rivalry that Defined a Generation

Gillon writes:

In private conversations with Gingrich and with Texas Republican Bill Archer, powerful head of the House Ways and Means Committee, the president promised to “provide political cover” for Democrats and Republicans by announcing his support for raising the minimum age required for Social Security and for changing the COLA formula. The president was willing to oppose the leadership of his own party and support the Republican demand for private accounts.

According to Gingrich:

“I understood that I would have to fight some of my old guard,” Gingrich recalled. “He understood that he would have to fight his hard left. Together we could shape about a 60 to 65 percent majority. I was happy for him to be a successful president. He was comfortable with us being a successful Republican congress.”

It looked like they had a path to success. Clinton would take the heat from Democrats and work through “centrist” Democrats and Republicans, as he had when he passed NAFTA and welfare reform.

And then Monica Lewinsky broke into the headlines:

Politically, it forced Clinton to seek refuge in the liberal wing of his party, the same group he had agreed to abandon a few months earlier. “All opportunities for accomplishment were killed once the story came out,” reflected a senior White House official. “If we cut a deal with the Republicans on Social Security there was every possibility that the Democrats, who were the only people defending him in Congress against these charges, could easily get angry and abandon him.” With conservatives in an uproar, Gingrich lost his political wiggle room and was forced to appease his right-wing base. If Gingrich did not “feed the conservative beast,” recalled a colleague, he would have been removed from his job as Speaker.

As Erskine Bowles himself said, “Monica changed everything.”

Don't think Hillary will save it...

Yes, the Wyoming caucus for Hillary was sooooo awesome!

She L O S T

MSM and Hillary campaign continue to medicate themselves with spin.....

Pope Francis, Elton John turned down Clinton Foundation invites

and lots of other 'A' list'rs, talk about bad optics!

September 26, 2015, 10:51 am

By Bradford Richardson

A number of high-profile notables, including Elton John and Pope Francis, turned down invitations to attend the Clinton Foundation's upcoming event in New York, according to Politico.

The foundation tried to invite Pope Francis to its glitzy Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) gathering New York, and wanted to present British rock star Elton John with an award for his work to combat AIDS, but both figures declined the invitations.

The organization has been embroiled in controversies surrounding its fundraising initiatives, and the report suggests many celebrities are trying to distance themselves from the group.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, is also stepping back from the group as she runs for the White House.

“They’ve had a lot of rejections from people – both from membership renewals and speaking roles this year between the campaign, Hillary not being at CGI this year, bad press,” one person who has helped plan events for the organization told Politico.

Other important figures who turned down invitations to the event reportedly include Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who said he had a conflict, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who served as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager during her successful 2000 U.S. Senate bid, and President Obama, who is skipping the event for the first time since taking office due to a busy schedule.

The foundation also wanted either Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen or French economist Thomas Piketty to deliver a presentation on income inequality, but both declined.

Picketty said his decision not to attend had nothing to do with his opinion of the Clintons.

“I’m not particularly a fan, but I am not a non-fan either,” the French economist wrote in an email, adding that he “preferred Hillary’s health plan to Obama’s.”

Foreign heads of state such as British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also declined to attend the event.

Big names who have confirmed their attendance are actress Jessica Biel, philanthropist billionaire Bill Gates, and scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, among others.


Oh my, Hillary has lost the last 8 of 9!

Call it what makes you feel better, if Hillary is your candidate. She has been on, still is on, a losing streak.

Now, closing NY and CA.....

Go Bernie!

Bernie Sanders campaign is just soooo organic!

It's all natural! Just looking back....

That first crowd on announcement day

'Feel the Bern'

The Bernie Baby

The Bernie sketching art

The YUGE wins!

The chants and follow along....$27.00 we all answer!

The continued 27.00 and Bernie gets to continue campaigning instead of raising cash.

Every obstacle along the way....datagate, campaign moles, etc

The birdie!

The Pope!

It's the most wonderful campaign!

And the best part?



Of all the campaigns, we own it.

Thanks Bernie for running....we got this!

What I would read here, if the Pope invited Hillary?


The Hillary group has gone mad with that op above.

In the rant, there is that reason, he will meet for a discussion, with the Pope. Oh...the Hillary people have figured out the airplane ride, the hours, the time of the primary, why would he plan this, it's a disaster....go outside for a little while. Get some fresh air. Come back and read that again.

This is ridiculous.

So back to the question, what would we read here, if the Pope invited Hillary?

Have at it.....

Dear Hillary, Today I am sick to my stomach....

The negative campaign you are running, along with the corporate cash is just so scary to watch, in that you can do the things you are doing to voters, victims of Sandy Hook, and the democratic party.
You care for nothing but yourself. It's not been what you can do for your country, but more what the country can do for you, and yours.

All of the Foundation arms and cash deals, including the ones Bill now says 'oooops' I did that while Hillary was at State. Did he forget she was there?

Come on now...it's because they are caught. The web is thick, and it's just going to get worse. They have baggage beyond anything defensible. She will lose a general election. After all, those that were 'excited' are now totally turned off. How sad. Millions of dollars wasted.

Wait until they get to the Clinton crown jewel, Haiti.
You will learn soon why half of an island is still a shit hole after all of these years...and millions and millions of dollars. That entire island should be rehabilitated by now, especially with all of the water wells the foundation installed for the greater good. The cover is now wearing thin, it's almost time to bring Haiti into the light.....

These things are now getting legs, and your internals are tumbling.
I have friends supporting you, and who have given you the max contribution. They are sick today as they were yesterday, because of the type of campaign you are running.

Again, I'm sick to my stomach today, Hillary.

Bill AND Hillary have a very bad habit...

The pointing and wagging of their fingers in other people's faces that they are addressing. This is a rude action, usually taught it is wrong and a social disrespect for the person you are addressing. Total disdain.

Now, in one day you have them both exposed for who they really are, surely unscripted.

That poor guy who just wanted to hold up his sign, makes me so sad to see him infringed upon, especially at a political event.

Time for the Clinton's to retire. Especially Bill. He fucked over Hillary in 2008 when she ran in Iowa. The media asked if he was getting Alzheimer's disease for saying stupid, loopy shit. Then after the campaign he hit the trail and was speaking just fine. Something tells me he really doesn't want her in the White House when he behaves like an intern that needs to be fired. BILL KNOWS BETTER. Such disdain for anyone who does not agree with them, or may get in their way. Wag that finger, Bill. This campaign is what you'll be remembered for. First you knock them down with your crime bill. Then you don't allow them to tell you with a sign, your policy really didn't work out well for them. How sad. Both of you.

Back at ya...

Hillary getting a debate on qualifications - A consistent record

Look, all the way around, she has not done a good job, nor made good decisions in her government jobs, her 'private' jobs, nor her campaigns, or family like sending Chelsea out to lie. Lying about Bernie just as she did Obama in 2008. It's a consistent record.

One bad show after another. One bad vote after another.

Ooopsie Bill took 500K for arms via the 'foundation' while Hillary was at State Dept. A no no. Now he just shut down BLM protesters.

Hillary supporters are finally asking, "why don't they think first before they act?" Because they don't have to.

The arrogance of it all is absolutely stunning!
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