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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2015, 02:02 PM
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Third Sanders Event in Wisconsin Today - Lines Getting Long in Onalaska, Wisconsin

Doors Open at 4 PM Central Time. Sanders to speak at 7 PM Central.

Here's a pic from about an hour ago!


LIVE LINK for Sanders Rally This Morning at Carthage College-SANDERS ON NOW

State Senator Robert Wirch just intro'd Sanders. Early morning rally and yet lots of energy from crowd!


Bernie Sanders Rally - Milwaukee - Lines Are Forming!

Doors open at 5 PM Central


Event won't start for 3 hours yet - live feed is here:

The Heresy and Evangelism of Bernie Sanders. About Zionism, Being Jewish and Really Interesting

In Village Voice

Asked about his religious life by CNN's Chris Cuomo during the February 23 South Carolina town hall, Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders distinguished himself from his competition by declining to praise the God of Abraham. Instead, in his signature phlegmatic Brooklyn staccato, the senator discussed universal human solidarity, lifting his arms for emphasis: "We are in this togetha.

"That's not just words," he continued. "The truth is, at some level, when you hurt, when your children hurt, I hurt. I hurt. And when my kids hurt, you hurt. I believe that what human nature is about is that everybody in this room impacts everybody else in all kinds of ways that we can't even understand.

"It's beyond intellect," he concluded. "It's a spiritual, emotional thing."

The New York of Sanders's childhood was full of Yiddish socialists. Often, these were Jews of Sanders's sort, their spiritual practice less fixated on giving glory to God on high than fighting for emancipation here on earth. Although that interpretation of Judaism may seem profane, even blasphemous, at first blush, it has a firm basis in scripture.

The Torah repeatedly reminds Jews that, because we were strangers in Egypt, we are obligated in turn to welcome the stranger in the course of our lives. Scripture also tells us that our religious ceremonies are not ends unto themselves but a means through which to fortify our spirits for earthly liberation work: From Isaiah, we learn that our fasting on Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, is not for the purpose of "mak[ing] your voice to be heard on high," but rather "to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and break every yoke."

It will not be easy to undo the work of the past seventy years. Even now, we find fearmongering that invokes the old perils of Jewish bolshevism. But in our rejection of Zionism and our revival of socialism, young Jews are reclaiming our birthright — the right to belong to a Jewry worthy of our heritage. A heritage carried forward in the sacred heresy and grumbly evangelism of the 74-year-old Brooklyn Jew improbably running for president.

Long Article but so worth a read: http://www.villagevoice.com/news/the-heresy-and-evangelism-of-bernie-sanders-8450444

Bernie Sanders Rally To Be Held In The Bronx, NY on March 31!

Join Bernie Sanders for a rally in South Bronx, with Residente, ex vocalist of Calle 13.

This event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, but RSVPs are strongly encouraged. Admission is first come, first served.

Doors Open: 4:00 PM

Saint Mary’s Park (New York, NY)
450 St. Ann's Ave
New York, NY 10455


Sanders Appleton Wisconsin Rally Starting Now - Bernie On Now


Bernie Rally in Madison, Wisconsin - BERNIE JUST INTRODUCED!!!!

Here's the Youtube Link:

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone: Young People Are Right About Hillary

interesting read on Wenner's editorial on Clinton and why Taibbi thinks he is wrong.

I was disappointed to hear that Rolling Stone had endorsed Hillary Clinton, but I also understood. In many ways, the endorsement by my boss and editor, Jann Wenner, read like the result of painful soul-searching, after this very magazine had a profound influence on a similar race, back in 1972.


In fact, it was during Bill Clinton's presidency that D.C. pundits first began complaining about a thing they called "purity." This was code for any politician who stood too much on principle. The American Prospect in 1995 derisively described it as an "unwillingness to share the burden of morally ambiguous compromise." Sometimes you had to budge a little for the sake of progress.


For young voters, the foundational issues of our age have been the Iraq invasion, the financial crisis, free trade, mass incarceration, domestic surveillance, police brutality, debt and income inequality, among others.

And to one degree or another, the modern Democratic Party, often including Hillary Clinton personally, has been on the wrong side of virtually all of these issues.


But that's faulty thinking. My worry is that Democrats like Hillary have been saying, "The Republicans are worse!" for so long that they've begun to believe it excuses everything. It makes me nervous to see Hillary supporters like law professor Stephen Vladeck arguing in the New York Times that the real problem wasn't anything Hillary did, but that the Espionage Act isn't "practical."

If you're willing to extend the "purity" argument to the Espionage Act, it's only a matter of time before you get in real trouble. And even if it doesn't happen this summer, Democrats may soon wish they'd picked the frumpy senator from Vermont who probably checks his restaurant bills to make sure he hasn't been undercharged.


Young people don't see the Sanders-Clinton race as a choice between idealism and incremental progress. The choice they see is between an honest politician, and one who is so profoundly a part of the problem that she can't even see it anymore.

They've seen in the last decades that politicians who promise they can deliver change while also taking the money, mostly just end up taking the money.

Whole article should be read.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/why-young-people-are-right-about-hillary-clinton-20160325#ixzz440rT1Odq

Already In Progress - Sanders in Portland - LIVE - 28,000 people

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