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Dan Drew for Gov in CT sounds like the real deal.

The Mayor of Middletown CT is running for Gov on a platform of Medicare For All, free tuition at public college, pro-labor, supporting paid family leave, recreational marijuana and more. Finally someone I can get involved with. Sounds really promising g and he has been reelected 3 times in Middletown so doing something right. Plus he is under 40! It's great to see Democrats like this running for state offices. Very excited.


Nation "Too Broke" for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35

The nation's most expensive weapons program isn't done showing U.S. taxpayers how much it will ultimately cost them, with Bloomberg reporting Monday that the F-35 fighter jet budget is now predicted to jump by a cool $27 billion.

"Think about [F-35's] $405 billion price tag when a family member dies of a preventable disease. Get angry."
Though the estimated future cost of the program had previously hovered at a mind-boggling $379 billion, an updated draft that could be submitted to Congress as early as today will reportedly exceed $406 billion—a nearly 7 percent increase.

The new cost increases may come as a hit to President Donald Trump, who has bragged about his ability to get weapons manufacturers to offer the Pentagon "better deals."

From Common Dreams. [link:https://www.commondreams.org/news/2017/07/10/nation-too-broke-universal-healthcare-spend-406-billion-more-f-35|

Shame on us.
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