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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2015, 02:02 PM
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Bernie will live stream fireside chat tonight 3/14 at 7:30 pm


Former Alumni of Warren for President endorsing Sanders


Click on link in tweet to read full statement.
We, the undersigned former employees and fellows of Warren for President, are ready to get back in the fight for a just and progressive future. We know that we need a bold, ambitious policy agenda for working families, marginalized communities, and our planet. We know that we wonít beat Donald Trump by simply talking about a return to business as usual. We hold these values close to our hearts because weíve spent months talking about them with community members and volunteers in the field on behalf of Elizabeth Warren.
Thatís why the best option for Warren Democrats right now is to support Bernie Sanders for President, in addition to fighting for Democratic victories across the board in Senate, House, and local races.

Hereís the signers
Alicia Nichols-Gonzalez, Regional Organizing Director (San Diego, CA)
Michael Barth, Field Organizer (Los Angeles, CA)
Marina Sullivan, Organizing Email Team (Boston, MA)
Tisya Mavuram, Fundraising Associate (Boston, MA)
Rodney Smith, Direct Marketing Manager (Boston, MA)
Danie Belfield, Field Organizer (Chico, CA)
Herbert Meisner, Field Organizer (Fairfield, IA / Denton, TX)
Ernie Britt, Deputy Director, Email Organizing (Boston, MA)
Alessandro Clark-Ansani, Field Organizer (Des Moines, IA / Dallas, TX)
Mishelle Arakelian, Field Organizer (Los Angeles, CA)
Sarah Barukh, Mobilization Hub Organizer (Los Angeles, CA)
Ryan Kearney, Field Organizer (Las Vegas, NV)
Raquel Sosa-Sanchez, Field Organizer (Cedar Rapids, IA)
David Guirgis, Field Organizer (Chicago, IL)
Sejal Singh, Policy Fellow (Boston, MA)
Andre Manuel, Legal Fellow (Boston, MA)
Trenton Seubert, Youth Vote Director (IA)
Quemars Ahmed, Field Organizer (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Ari Goldfine, Field Organizer (NV)
Amit Dadon, Field Organizing Fellow (Waterloo, IA)
Matthew Parziale, IT/Operations (Boston, MA)
Ankita Verma, Talent Acquisition Coordinator (Boston, MA)
Victoria Adams, Product Design Lead (Boston, MA)
Elliot Richardson, MA Statewide Campus Organizer / Field Organizer (Cambridge/Boston, MA)
Jack Weller, Email Organizer (Boston, MA)
Rizalina C. Hernandez, Designer (Boston, MA)
Raquel Breternitz, Design Director (Boston, MA)
Isabel Song, Field Organizer (Los Angeles, CA)
Shivani Desai, Field Organizer (Cedar Rapids, IA / Evanston, IL)
Anthony Collins, Mobilization Hub Manager (Boston, MA)
John Mellow, NH State Data Director (Manchester, NH)
Maggie Kennedy, Field Organizer (IA/IL)
Alexandra Benjamin, Field Organizer (Portsmouth, NH / Charlotte, NC)
Nadia Semmar, Distributed Events Organizer (Boston, MA)
Misha Linnehan, Organizer (Hudson, NH / Old Orchard Beach, ME)
Ellen Smith, Organizing Fellow (Denton, TX)

Disappointed Warren didnít join her team members to stand with Bernie.

Jane Fonda Endorses Sanders


Lucy Flores now stands with Sanders after endorsing Warren


Thank you!

Arizona Co Chairs Named


Arab American Political Action Committee in MI Endorses Sanders


I Love This Article - if the Nation Was My Patient, Sanders Would Be My Prescription


Wealthy countries that prioritize relative financial equality have less depression, lower infant mortality, and fewer people suffering from drug addiction. They have greater social cohesion, more civic trust, and their children score higher on standardized academic tests. Great extremes in wealth and income, like we now have in our country, leads to a generalized societal dysfunction. We are not all in the same boat and we are painfully aware of that. The present-day extremes of income and wealth inequality in the United States even exceed those seen during the days of the robber barons.
I support Bernie Sanders because he has the most comprehensive plan to reverse the great wealth and income gap. Only by doing so will the health of our nation improve.

Charles Booker, Youngest State Legislator in KY Endorses Sanders

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