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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
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The Scripture John 10:10 Describes the Trump/GOP Agenda Perfectly, as in Their Tax Bill

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Are About Power and Not About Sex

Sexual harassment and assault are the ultimate acts of putting women and girls "in their place." Many false rationalizations based on culture and/or religion are used as weapons against victims, but the truth remains. Sexual harassment and assault are all about keeping women subservient. It makes perfect sense that politicians, who often seek office for the power it brings, would be frequent perpetrators.

Are They Going to Bring Back Dennis Hastert to Stand Trial? And Newt Gingrich?

Sexual Predation is Rampant in Our Culture. It's Time for Decent Men to Take a Loud Stand Against It

Recent events have made abundantly clear, sexual predation is rampant in the U. S. and, traditionally, it's been left to women to handle it, deal with it or live with it. The time is long overdue for men who possess a moral compass to speak up, loudly and forcefully, that this is not only wrong but also a crime. It will take men and women working together to make any significant inroads against this epidemic of traditional and criminal entitlement.

Where is Melania? Noticed She's Been Missing the Past Couple of Days. Silence From the Press

I'm not a fan but I worry about her safety. She's married to a raging maniac.

The GOP Tax Bill Would Automatically Create Mega-Churches as Super PACs

The Constitution is clear - religious institutions and government are to be kept separate. The 1954 Johnson Amendment, strengthens the Constitution by prohibiting non-profits and churches from taking an explicit stance on political candidates. Yet, the proposed GOP tax bill repeals the Johnson Amendment and would make every mega-church in the U. S. an instant super PAC, a bold move toward establishing a state-sponsored religion. This would shred the Constitution the GOP purports to worship by infusing millions of tax-free dollars into political races, a nightmare scenario we are heading toward.

Was It The Paper Ballots in Virginia?

Interestingly, tonight's Democratic victories were won with paper ballots. The electronic machines have too many weaknesses and urgently need to be replaced, the sooner the better!

I Wonder How Many Gun Rights Advocates Know Putin's Russia Has Very Strict Gun Control Laws

There seems to be a strong connection between Trump supporters, gun rights advocates and love of Vladimir Putin. Do they realize Putin's Russia has very strict gun control laws? With so much Russian meddling with our politicians and politics, it's odd this issue hasn't been raised before. Perhaps this is one idea of Putin's we could all get behind.

It's Time to Ban Assault Weapons. Civilians Don't Need Weapons of War

Assault weapons were designed to kill the largest number of people in the least amount of time and there is no sane reason for civilians to own them. Americans are no longer safe in churches, schools, concerts, and other public places. Our other freedoms, guaranteed by the Constitution, are being sacrificed on the altar of gun rights, which were never absolute in the first place. The bogus argument that the government will take everyone's guns would be laughable in the face of government missiles, tanks, and predator drones, if it wasn't so tragic. Evil will continue to triumph if good Americans continue to sit back and do nothing. Meanwhile, the death toll skyrockets upward.

Does the American Press Have a Duty to Warn?

Link to a timely article:

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