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Member since: Mon Nov 2, 2015, 11:04 PM
Number of posts: 8,905

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If Democrats were able to pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act

Would this conservative Supreme Court just overturn them? Because you know, litigious Republicans would file multiple suits the day they were passed.

Dark money is killing us

Itís killing our planet. Itís killing our democracy. Itís death by a thousand cuts. Sheldon Whitehouse appeared on Joy Reidís show last evening and his his usual straightforward manner, clearly explained how dark money is a direct threat to us all. A clip of his segment is below:


By prematurely terminating extended UI benefits, Republicans are actively sabotaging the economy

Do Republicans hate America?

Until there are swift and severe consequences for police officers who randomly execute Americans

And itís usually Americans of color, this problem will only continue to get worse. What is wrong with officers who whip out their guns over every little thing? They are temperamentally unfit for their jobs.

There's boorish behavior and then there's criminal behavior

Thereís more than enough deadly criminal behavior to focus on.

I am thoroughly enjoying Brian Williams' snark on his 11th Hour show

Last night he mentioned Ron Johnson's comments about it not being an armed insurrection were "translated from Russian" and Mitch McConnell's WSJ opinion piece was "written by gaslight." In these dark times, we need all the levity we can find!

As powerful as witnesses would have been at the impeachment trial,

Testifying would have put a target on their backs that deranged Trumpers would be only too happy take shots at. House Democrats made the right call and gave us a powerful presentation without witnesses, and without risking further loss of life.

After today's compelling presentation by House Managers,

I dare a single Republican to say we need to ďmove on in the name of unity.Ē

Republicans have become soft on crime, if it suits their political purposes

Theyíll even give murder a pass, if they believe it leads to political gain. We have seen them knowingly and willingly flush any shred of moral authority they may have ever had.

Thanks for the heart!

What a nice thing to do!
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