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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 7,178

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The Ban Against Government Research on Gun Violence Needs to Be Repealed

The idea that fact-based research on gun violence is somehow invalid or a problem is cynical beyond belief. It's time to take a strong stand against the lobbyists and politicians with innocent blood on their hands in their quest for more money. The war on science is harmful to us all and will only continue to get worse if we do nothing.

It's Time for the MSM to Stop Sanitizing the Carnage

As mass shootings continue to increase in frequency and intensity, Americans need to see the true cost of our current gun policy. This means showing, in graphic detail, the true horrific carnage wrought by gun violence in order to penetrate the deep walls of denial preventing rational gun policies. Nothing short of that will make a difference.

Trump's Abysmal Response to the Puerto Rican Crisis is What Racism Looks Like in 2017

This is what "Make America Great Again" really means and it's ugly.

Republican "Tax Reform" is Merely Code for More Redistribution of Wealth Upward

Apparently, our wealthiest citizens are struggling and all Americans should devote even more resources to their upkeep, or as the book title suggested, "Pity the Poor Billionaire."

Pigs at the Trough

Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, perhaps for a reason. The idea that the GOP is the party of fiscal responsibility is a joke. They are shills for corporations and the ultra-wealthy, with their endless gluttony. This is the party that wanted a congressional investigation for $16 muffins at an Obama conference, yet Tom Price wasted over $1 million of taxpayer funds on private jet travel in a few short months (and never even offered to reimburse the taxpayers for his wife's seat.) As we've seen, time and again, gluttony and hypocrisy are the cornerstones of Republican leadership.

Trump's Intentional Lack of Response to PR Shows What Monsters Too Many Republicans Have Become

Trump's despicable response, actually, lack of a response, to the disaster and humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico only further demonstrates how much the Republican Party has become filled with too many monsters. If we take a look at the awful "health care" bills the party keeps pushing to pass, bills that are guaranteed to kill millions of Americans, or the latest scam--more free lunches for billionaires, disguised as "tax reform," supported only by their bogus trickle-down economic theory, a theory that lacks any empirical evidence to support it. It doesn't take a genius to see how damaging and destructive the Republican Party has become to the health, welfare, and safety of us all.

Trump Likes to Create Chaos So He Feels Like He's in Control

We've seen this time and time again--when Trump's not the center of attention, he does something truly awful to redirect the spotlight back to himself. The DACA debacle is only the most recent iteration.

He Can't Do the Job

Trump doesn't have a clue how to do the job of president, nor does he want one. The GOP has known all along and just never cared. This is what toxic levels of greed and avarice look like. It's all about personal enrichment, along with enrichment for cronies and donors, the consequences be damned, even if it takes down our democracy. They don't believe in democracy, anyway, and much prefer a corporate autocracy, and we're getting there, day-by-day.

A Comprehensive Russia Timeline

Steven Harper, a trial attorney, and professor at Northwestern University, has created a comprehensive timeline of the Russia scandal at BillMoyers.com. The detail and facts are astounding--and show the degree the Russians have penetrated the highest levels of our government for their own nefarious purposes. Anyone who remembers the Cold War understands the Russians are not our friends.

Remember When Hillary Caught So Much Flack for Calling Them Deplorable?

She has always been right -- ahead of everybody.
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