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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 7,178

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When it comes to electability, remember, a woman won the most votes in the last presidential

election. By several million actually.

The Trump team is just making things up and hoping someone will believe them

More snake oil from the quintessential con artist and his paid toadies. No one should be fooled.

Did Trump's deep jealousy of Obama fuel his decision to assassinate Soleimani?

After all, Obama took out Osama Bin Laden.

With upcoming events, including a new decade, it's time for a new women's march on Washington

Once again, women of America, the majority of citizens, need to make their voices heard to demand Trump be removed from office. It’s past time for the sexual assaulter in chief and one-man crime wave to go.

If there was ever any doubt before, McConnell's recent comments confirm...

Moscow Mitch is wholly owned by the Russians. It takes a lot of hubris (or fear) to publicly announce you are rigging a senate impeachment trial in favor of the defendant. The Russians have completely infiltrated and co-opted the Republican Party and they did it “without firing s shot.”

Appreciation thread for Chairman Jerry Nadler

He has led the Judiciary Committee with dignity and grace in the face of endless Republican antics. We are fortunate to have him presiding over this very serious process and I’m grateful for his excellent leadership

Has anyone filed a bar complaint against John Eisenberg for ignoring a congressional subpoena?

As an officer of the court, he is required to comply with the law.

Republicans are right, there was no quid pro quo. It was a conspiracy to commit extortion

The tentacles of this conspiracy reach far and wide throughout this administration and democracy is in a very fragile place.

If we truly want to reclaim our democracy, the Fairness Doctrine must be reinstated and strengthened

We are living with the results of decades of unchallenged propaganda over the airwaves and in the print media, and it's ugly.

Republicans have devolved into a party of thugs

Yesterday’s witness intimidation stunt by House Republicans was only the most recent example of their thuggish behavior. Of course, when the party’s leader is a mobbed-up, one-man crime wave, with no respect whatsoever for the Constitution, we shouldn’t be surprised.
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