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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
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Have America's Leaders Given Up on Our Country and Are Just Looking to Cash Out?

Despite the hype, America is a country in decline and has been for decades One need only look at our crumbling infrastructure, our decaying schools, the millions living in poverty and the costly, and the inefficient health care system as examples to see that something is seriously wrong, and lacking with our leadership. The most recent tax cut (scam) for the wealthiest Americans makes it all so obvious--our leaders are merely looking to take the money and run.

Conversely, there is China They have heavily invested in education and infrastructure and is preparing to take our place on the world stage, and we appear to be inclined to let them. Have our leaders given up on problem-solving and are just looking to cash out while they can? There is so much we could do better for everyone, yet, Americans are more divided than ever, with no end in sight.

The problems we face will take much more than just winning the next election. We've largely lost the ability to work together for common goals for everyone's betterment. It's not that there aren't enough good people. It's that too many of us have become far too cutthroat and mercenary, hyper-focused on petty, meaningless differences. It will take more than loud chants of " USA!" to change our direction. Divided we fall.

"Rush to Punishment" Rings True

In another DU post this a.m., an article from former Minnesota Governor, Arne Carlson, spoke of the Democratic Senators' "rush to punishment" in throwing Senator Franken under the bus. He is absolutely right. At some point, I believe the Senators will regret this poor decision. It's time to change leadership.

The Republican Crime Syndicate Takes Control

It's been said that Trump behaves more like a mafia don and his party is "pillaging and plundering America like a RICO organization:


Believing False Equivalencies Harms Women

The hit job against Senator Franken is glaringly obvious. Any calls for him to step down are premature, at best and when there is no differentiation between claims of sexual harassment and their nature, women lose. There is a serious problem with widespread sexual harassment and assault that is long overdue for being addressed, rationally. When Dems rush to judgment, as they have in Franken's case, they only embolden the dirty tricksters, and harm women.

Re Senator Franken - It's the Minnesota Voters Who Chose Him - Let Them Decide

Senate Democrats need to be careful they don't look like they're thumbing their noses at the voters of Minnesota and want to pick their own. If and until we learn of any more egregious incidents, Senate Dems (and their donors) need to give due process, and the ethics investigation a chance to work, and do what we tell women every day -- get over it! This has become a sideshow that detracts from the very serious business at hand that needs every bit of our attention.

The Tax Bill is an Example of Privileged White Males Putting Everyone Else in their "Rightful" Place

Patriarchy doesn't share power willingly. The multiple time bombs hidden in the tax bill are going to be a "take that" to anyone who's not a privileged white male. Millions of Americans will suffer, needlessly, from this resurrection of an outmoded 1800's agenda.

Sherrod Brown Blasts "Social Engineering Project Masquerading as a Tax Bill"

Social engineering project, indeed:


Flynn Took a Plea Deal for Lying to the FBI - Lock Him Up!

Well, well, Mr. "Lock Her Up" is a criminal. Is anyone surprised? The instigator of the misogynistic "Lock Her Up" chants during the 2016 campaign was only projecting, as does his former boss in the White House. Every day, more and more evidence of the outrageous levels of misogyny directed toward Hillary by the media (think Matt Lauer, although he was far from alone) and the Trump campaign is revealed. We may have "come a long way, baby" but there is still very far to go.

A Solution for the Current Sex Abuse and Harassment Epidemic

It will take insurance companies and attorneys stepping up to successfully address this crisis:

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