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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 10,910

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Paul Krugman: The G.O.P. Goes Full Authoritarian

In a recent op-ed posting, Paul Krugman succinctly states how the GOP has undermined voting rights, co-opted the mainstream media and rigged elections to ensure they don't lose and retain a supermajority even when they do. It's shocking to see how the party of Lincoln has morphed into the party of authoritarianism. They have become an enormous threat to the future of our democracy.


Whether or Not He Helped Mueller, Mike Flynn is a Traitor Who Deserves to Be Vilified for Life

Especially, given his military service and the oaths he took to defend our country, Flynn's betrayal of our country for a buck is all the more treacherous. He deserves to live under a rock, in disgrace, for the rest of his days.

Has Anyone Noticed How the GOP Appears to Exhibit Many Symptoms of NPD?

It's not just Trump who is a malignant narcissist. The entire GOP appears to lack empathy, takes advantage of others to get what they want, has a grandiose sense of entitlement, and on down the list of NPD symptoms. Their toxicity and scorched earth tactics have contaminated our entire political process and along with it, our country. Thankfully, we made enormous progress this past November with the Big Blue Wave. Voting them entirely out of office looks like the only recourse for our country's survival.

While Trump is Melting Down on Twitter Where is Pence Hiding?

He apparently has no concern for the good of the country when he is MIA at a time like this.

Dems Worked Hard for this Election's Wins-Why Start a Circular Firing Squad Over the Speakership?

Pelosi has earned her position and she’s very effective at her job. No doubt, the GOP would be ecstatic to see her replaced. Why would Dems willingly play into their hands? We have important work to do. Let’s not get sabotaged by infighting before we get started.

I'm Concerned the Republicans Have So Corrupted the Voting, Democrats are Foreclosed From Winning...

...no matter how big the blue wave or blue tsunami. They have been cheating for many years and have perfected their treachery.

Vote in the Midterms-Where the Popular Vote Actually Counts

Dems should put this on billboards everywhere.

I Really Don't Care! Do You?

After watching Pompeo yucking it up with the Saudi prince, I can imagine a political cartoon with him wearing Melania’s jacket.

Nevertheless, She Voted

Great line from Jennifer Palmieri on Lawrence O'Donnell earlier this week. It would be even better if it catches on.

Trump is Getting His Licks in While He Still Can -- But It Won't Last

The walls are closing in and he's merely whistling in the dark. Meanwhile, decent American voters are organized and energized.
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