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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 10,886

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I'm Concerned the Republicans Have So Corrupted the Voting, Democrats are Foreclosed From Winning...

...no matter how big the blue wave or blue tsunami. They have been cheating for many years and have perfected their treachery.

Vote in the Midterms-Where the Popular Vote Actually Counts

Dems should put this on billboards everywhere.

I Really Don't Care! Do You?

After watching Pompeo yucking it up with the Saudi prince, I can imagine a political cartoon with him wearing Melaniaís jacket.

Nevertheless, She Voted

Great line from Jennifer Palmieri on Lawrence O'Donnell earlier this week. It would be even better if it catches on.

Trump is Getting His Licks in While He Still Can -- But It Won't Last

The walls are closing in and he's merely whistling in the dark. Meanwhile, decent American voters are organized and energized.

Kavanaugh's Jekyll & Hyde Personas Are Classic for an Abuser

Anyone with any experience with domestic violence is all too familiar with this type of personality. Excessive drinking only exacerbates the problem.

Lest We Forget, Susan Collins' Husband is in Bed With the Russians

This puts her vile screed in perspective, although still is no excuse. Apparently, she is ready to retire.

Why Hasn't There Been a Media Spotlight on West Virginia Senator Shelly Moore Capito?

She attended Holton Arms.

The GOP's Handling of the Kavanaugh Matter Was Designed to Discourage the "Blue Wave"

We canít let the monsters win. Donít ever give up. Make good use of the time between now and Nivember to volunteer for phone banks, neighborhood canvassing, organizing transportation to the polls, or any activity that increases turnout. This is the bests time to be energized and active. More Americans than ever before are seeing through the GOP and their dirty schemes. There are so many more of us than them. Letís make this next month count!

The GOP and Toxic Masculinity

Excellent post in The Daily Beast:

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