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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 10,886

Journal Archives

If Kavanaugh is Confirmed & If Dems Retake the House

There will be investigation/hearings into Kavanaugh’s perjury. We could potentially see him doing a perp walk in cuffs.

American Women are Slowly Beginning to Realize They Will Need to Stand United, Together-

Before change happens. There is a firmly entrenched patriarchy that has shown they will do pretty much anything to hold on to women as their permanent servant class. They like being top dog. Why would they give it up willingly?

Could Kavanaugh Possibly be Bipolar? He Looked Like He was Exoeriencing a Bipolar Meltdown

He clearly has serious mental health issues.

In Addition to Sexual Assault Allegations, Kavenaugh's Gambling Issues Need Further Investigation

Let's hope people with direct knowledge are contacting their closest FBI field office.

Rachel Just Made an Excellent Factual Point About When Dr. Ford Came Forward With Her Allegations

Dr. Ford contacted her elected representative and the Washington Post BEFORE Kavanaugh was nominated; while he was still on the short list. This wasn’t about opposing Trump’s nominee. It was about Kavanaugh, himself.

It's Clear Kavanaugh Assaulted Dr.Ford. It's Also Clear Republicans Don't Care

Brett Kavanaugh is as unsuitable for the Supreme Court as Donald Trump is for the presidency. They are two of a kind.

Kavanaugh's Rapid Mood Swings From Rage to Tears Make Him Look Very Unstable

This guy looks unhinged & the Dems haven’t even begun with their questions, yet. No wonder Trump chose Kavanaugh. They appear to have similar temperaments.

Would Kavanaugh Ever Agree to Take a Polygraph?

He has written a number of opinions supporting their use. Would he ever take his own advice?

Why Has the Mainstream Media Not Done Better, More Informative Reporting on the Gamble v. US Case

This case is critical in relation to the Kavanaugh investigation. Yet, we’ve heard next to nothing about it. This borders on journalistic malpractice.

Love to See How the Media is Parsing-Did Kavanaugh Participate in the Gang Rapes or Just Watch?

Seriously, this is disturbing and pathological beyond belief!
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