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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 9,270

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In the Ultimate Irony Category, as Last Act, Missouri Governor Greitens Signs Revenge Porn Law

Given his use of revenge porn to blackmail a former lover contributed to his downfall as governor, it is the ultimate irony that Greitens' last act a governor of Missouri, before resigning in disgrace, was to sign a law making the use of revenge porn a felony:


Roseanne Has Shown the World She's Selfish & Self-Destructive

Now how many connected with her show are out of a job? No doubt, she couldn't care less. What a loser!

Our First Lady is MIA

Let's hope Don the Con didn't beat the crap out of her during one of his storied rage attacks and she is in hiding until the bruises heal.

We Now Have the Weekly American School Shooting/Massacre

Thank you NRA & all of the spineless politicians you've bought.

The Report of Eric Greitens Imprisonment and Sexual Assault of His Hairdresser is Beyond Disturbing

The report details a cold and calculating sexual predator who belongs in jail. Given the information in the report, it is doubtful this is his first offense. He is a threat to public safety and belongs behind bars. The last place he should be is in the Missouri governor's office. Trump has set a horrible precedent.

The NRA & the Politicians it Buys Off Have No Regard for Human Life Whatsoever

They have infected our nation with a deadly disease under the false guise of "liberty" that threatens us all.

Every Day Our Children & Their Teachers Face a Random Death Penalty Just for Going to School

How insane is that?

Congress (Thanks to Republicans) Has Prohibited Federal Research into the Effects of Gun Violence

Given the epidemic of mass shootings in our country, how irrational is that?

In Light of the Indictments, the Many Calls for Hillary to apologize For Losing Looks Very Different

Let's hope more of us can see this deep -seated misogyny for what it is. Otherwise, change won't happen.

The NRA Has Successfully Framed the Gun Debate as Either/Or With No Middle Ground

We need to reframe the debate as "and." We can keep Americans safe and a have Second Amendment. The NRA has created an all or nothing argument and every day Americans pay with their lives. We need to change the frame.
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