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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 10,888

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Outlawing Health Insurance Companies is a Losing Argument

Granted, they have abused our capitalist system. However, too many voters would be concerned that other types of businesses may be outlawed. There are a myriad of ways to get to full health coverage for all Americans and certainly increasing sensible regulations over the insurers makes more sense. Iím afraid Vowing to outlaw the health insurance companies would be shooting ourselves in the foot.

It Needs to be Said, Trump has Made the Entire GOP Putin's Lap Dogs

In his hubris, Trump shows the entire world over and over, he's in Putin's pocket and he has taken the entire GOP with him. We are seriously looking at the end of our democracy, while corporate America just keeps counting their profits.

How Many Privatized Companies and Individuals are Making a Fortune From Torturing Children?

In the understandable horror with what is being done to the children by the Trump administration, what is getting lost is how much taxpayer money is being funneled to privatized corporations and individuals providing human warehouses and ďservices.Ē Ultimately, for some, itís all about the money, no matter the human cost.

Trump's "She's Not My Type" Comments Perpetrate the Myth that Rape is About Sex

It isnít but, instead, is about asserting power and control over the victim to humiliate and degrade them. The president of the United States is some piece of work. Thank you GOP.

A Disturbing Truth-If the Migrant Children Held In Cages were Prisoners of War...

...we would be violating the Geneva Conventions. In what kind of a twisted mind does this make America great? We treat farm animals better. The GOP is nothing less than a cancer on our democracy.

With Today's Unsealing of Court Transcripts, There's No Doubt, Hannity is Trump's Spokesmodel

The idea that he is any kind of a newsman is a complete fiction.

It's a Sad State of Affairs When the President is Accused of Rape & It's Not the Lead News Story

How far we have fallen.

Has Anyone Noticed a High Number of Trump Appointees and Nominees Have Domestic Violence Issues?

What is wrong with them?

How Likely is it Trump has Threatened Nancy Pelosi or Her Family?

While the world is giving Republicans a pass for cursing us with Trump, and given Trump's history of ugly threats against anyone who crosses him and, further, given the truly terrible ways the Russians act out against their enemies, I'm guessing there may be more to Pelosi's decision to not open an impeachment inquiry at this particular time. There is always much that happens in Washington behind closed doors. I have every confidence that Nancy Pelosi is doing everything she can given the full circumstances.

It's Time to Retire the Word "Collusion" When Describing Trump's Machinations

It soft-pedals his actual crimes. It would be more accurate to describe his maneuvers as conspiracy.
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