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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
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It is Abundantly Clear, Trump Represents Everything Today's Republican Party Stands For

Intelligent Americans understand that Trump is a totally corrupt and disgusting sorry excuse for a man. Yet, no one in the entire Republican party has the slightest shred of integrity or decency to call him out, ever. Trump shows the world, every day and the Republican Party show the world every day just exactly how far into the gutter they are willing to go in order to enrich themselves and stay in power.

I Think it's Time to Focus Much More Attention on the Millions of Non-Voters

We can find ways to show them that they, too, have skin in the game. As for Trump voters, they can rot.

Justice Stevens' Former Supreme Court Clerk, Cliff Sloan, Was on Rachel Tonight

Sloan shared Justice Stevens strong belief in and commitment to the rule of law. Sloan also shared Stevens deep concerns that it is under serious attack and we should not be discouraged and fight every day to protect it.

Trump's Attacks Against "The Squad" are an Effective Distraction From his Ties to Epstein

Trump is a sexual predator and Jeffrey Epstein has been his friend for one for many years. (Epstein had over a dozen phone numbers for Trump in his possession-quite a few for someone he "barely knew". To distract from his obvious sexual predation from hanging out with his monster bro, Trump brought on his ultra-racist attacks against the four Democratic congresswomen. Trump has already confessed on the "Access Hollywood" tape one of his preferred methods for sexually assaulting women. He is essentially yelling "fire" in a crowded theater to redirect everyone's attention. This in no way discounts or minimized the awfulness of his racist attacks. However, we can't lose sight of another hideous Trump debacle.

Seriously, How Can Bernie Claim to Represent the Democratic Party When He Refuses to Join It?

That seems illogical and I really don’t understand it.

Aww, Trump's Strip Club, Nude Dancer Golf Event to Benefit a "Children's Charity" Was Cancelled

Apparently, the stripper auction was also cancelled. Thank you GOP for bestowing our country with this classy president who truly represents your “family values” for all the world to see.

How Likely is it Alex Acosta is a Sexual Predator, Also?

Just looking at him makes my skin crawl!

AG Barr's Father's Connection to Epstein Deserve Further Scrutiny

Barr, himself, may in some way be connected to Epstein. It certainly needs to be looked into.

Why Would Trump/Sonny Perdue Fire All the Food Research Scientists at USDA-NIFA?

Rachel did an excellent “hair on fire” segment on her show last night about this intentional sabotage of not only peer reviewed scientific research into the negatives impact of the climate crisis on the world’s food supply and the reduction of nutrients, she also enlightened us about the firing of all the scientists in order to gut the agency’s ability to perform cutting edge research for decades. This move has Putin’s fingerprints all over it


Outlawing Health Insurance Companies is a Losing Argument

Granted, they have abused our capitalist system. However, too many voters would be concerned that other types of businesses may be outlawed. There are a myriad of ways to get to full health coverage for all Americans and certainly increasing sensible regulations over the insurers makes more sense. I’m afraid Vowing to outlaw the health insurance companies would be shooting ourselves in the foot.
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