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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
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This is Government-Sanctioned Murder of Sick Kids! Where is the Outrage?

The Trump administration has arbitrarily terminated the medical visa program without announcement and without an appeals process in place. No doubt, they planned to fly under the radar with this crime.

Parents and patients have been receiving 31-day notice letters from our government to leave the country or be deported. Forcing patients to terminate life-saving treatment is murder; and itís being done in all our names.

Why isnít this at the top of the national news cycle?

Trump is Seriously Disintegrating

In his recent news announcement regarding the G7 being held at his Doral golf club in Miami, Trump could barely stand up. Between that, sweating profusely, and verbally rambling, he looks like heís on his last legs.

Given Steven King's Recent Comments, as Well as Trump's Many Comments, Is the GOP the Party of Rape?

Also, considering many GOP legislators efforts to protect the rights of rapists when their women victims become pregnant, and so many other examples, is this really a bridge too far? One thing is certain, the GOP has been escalating their war on women.

While Watching Rachel & Her Story About Epstein I can Only Wonder

How is it possible Alex Acosta still has his law license?

Trump and the Republicans Keep Finding New People to Hate and Persecute

They are determined to burn our country to the ground and create a new, Russian-style oligarchy. Their latest immigration proposal is beyond egregious. I worry what Trump will do next to distract from his crimes and the upcoming accountability.

Republicans are the party of Assault-Danny Deutsch Calls Them Out

On last nightís program Danny Deutsch discussed the ugly truth that Republicans vigorously promote assault. All of their policies support assault on our safety, assault on our healthcare, assault on our environment, assault in our elections, assault in our education, assault on our wages, assault on families and children. Everything they support is an assault.

They are the party of death and destruction. If we donít stand up against them, we are with them.

Jeffrey Epstein has Committed Suicide-Was He Helped?

No doubt a large number of wealthy and powerful men are breathing a huge sigh of relief.

This is Tyranny Disguised as Freedom

The current, popular interpretation of the Second Amendment is nothing less than tyranny that has been cleverly disguised as freedom for political and financial gain.

It is tyranny when we have a mass shooting in this country every single day; the only country in the entire world where this happens.

It is tyranny when our school children are cruelly butchered in their classrooms and are traumatized while having to perform active shooter drills across this land.

It is tyranny when Americans practicing their religion are slaughtered in their houses of worship.

It is tyranny when our political leaders use this bloodbath to further their political aims and do nothing to stop the daily carnage.

This is war.

This is a war being waged against the American people and there is a daily body count to prove it.
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