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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 10,910

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Josh Hawley is a patrician posing as a populist

He lives in Virginia, but uses his sisterís address in Missouri for his voter registration, which speaks to his integrity. Hawley attended to Rockhurst High School, a private all boys Catholic high school in south Kansas City for the elite. (I lived nearby for many years across the state line in Kansas, in a very affluent neighborhood & am quite familiar with his type. My sons had friends who attended testosterone-overloaded Rockhurst.) His credential from Stanford and Yale law school speak for themselves. Hawley just another entitled rich kid posing as a Trumper populist-a polished grifter doing whatever it takes to advance his career, and increase his net worth.This latest silliness about challenging the electoral college vote is just a stunt he thinks will advance his political ambitions. Scratch Hawleyís surface, and despite his elite degrees, thereís nothing of substance there.

Trump wants Covid relief payments increased to $2,000, a gift to Warnock & Ossoff!

Heís threatening to veto the bill. Pelosiís wants to hold a vote and McConnell must be having apoplexy.

We've Been Here Before - The Big Con

Excellent article from The Guardian (and a bit long but worth it) shows why the Biden/Harris "Build Back Better" is crucial to the future of our democracy.


Democrats need to address Republican use of the scare tactic, "socialism"

Republicans have been able to get far too much mileage from it. As Harry Truman said, itís a scare word Republicans like to use for programs that help everyone. Democrats are overdue to reclaim the narrative that we know will be weaponized by Republicans and the mainstream media once Biden is inaugurated and in office. Letís be proactive.

Thoughts on DC and Puerto Rico statehood?

The House has already passed a bill for DC statehood and the referendum in Puerto Rico just passed. Iím wondering how long it would take for both of them to write and pass a state constitution. The potential for four more Democratic senators is very appealing.

In future elections, I would like to see more emphasis on down ballot races.

The presidency is important. So are congress and the state legislatures.

Republicans have already succeeded at packing state supreme courts

An article in the Washington Post outlines the recent addition of seats in state supreme courts by Republicans and their actual court packing. The false umbrage at Democrats purportedly wanting to pack the Supreme Court is just more of their ridiculous hypocrisy. For whatever reason, the mainstream media prefers to paint Democrats as the culprits wanting to pack the Supreme Court. Unpacking our courts is what is required. Democrats will have a steep hill to climb after Biden is inaugurated


This is one very good reason why the Supreme Court needs ethics rules

Given this, Justice Thomasí impartiality is a joke!


The U. S. Supreme Court should have an ethics code

It's absolutely astounding there isn't one. Something to add to the long list of ethics reforms in the Biden/Harris administration.

I would like to see more of the spotlight on senate candidates like Doug Jones and Mike Espy

They are both Dems to be proud of and could actually win with more financial support. (Calling Mike Bloomberg...)
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