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Member since: Sat Nov 14, 2015, 03:12 PM
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Jill stein at 4 percent in polls is going to kill us

Especially in close states like Virginia, North Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio.

The truth is 90 percent of the votes jill stein is getting would automatically go to clinton if she wasnt in the race. For example in michigan a poll came out with clinton in a 3 point lead. Basically within a statistical tie. Jill is getting 4 percent of the vote! if you take her votes and add them to clinton even in this close pull it would put michigan out of play.

This coupled with trump voters turning out for him we could have a close election of just 1 or 2 points in critical states. If we automatically give up 4 points to stein we might lose these states like Colorado and Nevada etc.. We have to find a way to get jill stien out of this race. After the Mr. Khan incident hillary had moved into a solid 6-8 lead in many of these states so even losing a few points to jill would not have made a difference. In a very close election they can make all the defference.

I dont understand someone who claims to be a progressive like Jill stein can be okay with literally being responsible with putting trump in the white house. i truly cant comprehend this.

Dear Hillary, You do the best you can. I will have your back in november.

Dear Hillary,

When i saw the video this morning. I didnt see a political candidate or someone if who didnt win would mean terrible things for me on social media when the cons would be rubbing it in. No i saw a grandmother.. i saw a mother whose family's heart must have stopped for a second when they watched the video. Sometimes it feels like people (especially those on the left) just see you as a political pawn. one of the things i enjoy doing is when i get on twitter and read your tweets on your profile i see grandmother on the left hand side. It always reminds me that you have a little precious grandson that you lights up your life. That you are trying to create a better future for him and all across this land.

YOU do the best you can. If 68 years of having to fight for the rights of the people in this country wether short or tall, black or brown, white or not , you have given to much of your self in the service of this country. If your body has had enough just know and i say this with tears in my eyes that its okay if you cant do it. Im so proud of everything you have accomplished and done and i see you as a humane being. You do the best you can, because i know you will. If you arent feeling well and you still get up everyday to fight for us and this country is enough for me to have your back 100 percent. I will be here today and on november rain or shine proudly voting for you as long as you ask for my vote. Because you have it dear hillary. you have it with all my heart. It didnt start out that way as a bernie supporter but it will end that way in November. But no matter what happens and if you arent there on november just know you have not disappointed me one damn bit. You give him hell for as long as you can. But if you CAN, please beat the living day lights out of trump on election day (at the polls not phsyically lol) and become the first women president of this great country.

Making the deplorable comments then regretting, is not good strategy

I'm not sure who is advising her on this but this was a mistake. I saw the comments late last night and i expected a fight on twitter and comment section of news articles this morning (this is my way of fighting off the trolls who bash Clinton. I make sure i make my daily dose of pro Hillary comments in yahoo articles, politico, news websites, to counter pro trump idiots)

but what i found surprising was although there was an avalanche of anti Hillary comments and it wasn't a pretty sight by any means there was also A LOT OF us Hillary supporters and although out numbered we were putting up a good fight pointing at all the racist shit he sais. Bringing to light what hillary said was right and there is a lot of trump supporters who are nationalist and racists.

Then Hillary apologized or regretted or whatever and that took the wind out of my sails. Then the people i was arguing with are basically like " why are you defending something your own candidate is apologizing for"

I think the decision has to be made either we draw a line in the sand like she did last night and go to war with these racists and show the MAJORITY of the country what racist and bigots we are up against. OR we do what we did during the convention in which we countered the darkness from trump that hillary is going to be a president for all people democrats independents and republicans. which seemed to work great as her poll numbers shot up.

Im not a political consultant and ill certainly keep my day job. I know hillarys advisers are much more smarter then me but seeing the avalanche of anti hillary comments on twitter and yahoo comments and facebook has got me down this morning.

Using the word witch to describe hillary clinton

When you know damn well they meant bitch. But these little fucking cowards dont have the guts to use the B word on a public forum because there too chicken shit to post what they actually want to say. i admit i never had to many friends on my facebook page but as of right now im down to 19. I just do not have the patients for this shit.

Honest question - How can people be so blatant so overt when it comes to sexism and mysogyny? I know people deathly afraid of saying the N word. But somehow the words people use against Clinton in reference to her gender is mind blowing.

Dont be surprised if the press turns on clinton soon

i was talking with my cousin the other day and he said when he goes to yahoo news or nbc news or politico etc he sees in hes oponion way more anti trump articles then anti hillary articles and he thought that was a good thing. I told him EVEN if that is the case which im not 100 percent convinced it is. at the end of the day THESE are big corps who make money of ratings. IF THEY SMELL blood about clinton they are going to turn on her. The press and media truely ONLY cares about there ratings not always reporting the truth.

We have to reach out to young bernie supporters who might stay home

I honestly im not worried about the older bernie supporters. i think as this election goes a long and they see the potential that holy shit trump could become president. they will fall in line. Expect a lot of threads in the next few months that start with " i was a bernie supporter but .."


talking to a few young bernie supporters at my store. they seem militant in there hate for hillary. If a large number of young folks that voted for obama stay home for hillary. That might make the election a lot closer then it has to be. I think we have to reach out to the young bernie voters and explain to them. hillary might not be at the top of your list. but how would you like to be serving on the front lines of a nuclear war with some country that insulted trump and he pushed the red button. i know it sounds dramatic but this egomaniac cannot be allowed near nuclear buttons.

We need to lead with the russian betrayal and tie trump to putin

Im not going to pretend this wiki stuff is not going to hurt or at least be a big distraction. The timing of it couldn't be worse. BUT please consider this. Isnt it so convenient WHEN it was released? that this is the 2ND time this is happend? within the same year?

just had a big argument with a conservative friend of mine. That he could never support hillary because shes so corrupt blah blah.

I pointed out a few things to him. I told him do you think its a coincidence that they the Russians hacked clintons plan of attack on trump and now this? he goes wait wait wait " what do you mean the russians hacked something months ago " (paraphrasing) see he didn't realize this is the 2nd TIME that the Russians have hacked Hillary and the DNC in favor of trump. This changed hes demeanor REAL QUICK.

THEN i pointed out to him that during the NY times interview he said he would NOT defend nato countries against a Russian attack. i said to him do you think this is all JUST A COINCIDENCE??? that trump praises putin, wont defend nato, then the icing on the cake? hes campaign manager has TIES TO RUSSIAN MAFIA? he told me thats bullshit. i said just look it up man. The Russians are colluding with trump to beat hillary.

The beautiful thing about all of this? a lot of old school republican voters do see radical islam as a threat. dont like hillary. BUT THEY HATE and FEAR the soviet union a lot more. Especially with Putin being a KGP agent.

what we need to do is run with this. Launch a series of attacks and spend money putting what i said in point by point attack. Put fear in the old republican gaurd about the ties of trump to putin , the KGP, the russian mafia.

for Bernie supporters, look im disappointed to, i voted for him in california. But thats the nature of politics. The good ole boys always get a bit of advantage. AND i do think changes should be made BUT THIS IS NOT the time to have a family fight. you might think im making this stuff up about russia to attack trump but the fact is these are not MADE UP. there is a REAL REAL possibility the Russians are colluding with trump campaign which is a HUGE THREAT to this country. much much more then debbie.

lets unite to defeat trump then we can fix any mess with the DNC for the future.

EDITED to ADD - if any evidence shows any colluding with trump campaign with the russians. Trump needs to be charged with treason. we cant NOT fuck about with this. this is serous serous issue.

Why these radicals drink, watch porn etc. Some background

My posts arent very popular here as i speak about things that are a bit uncomfortable and i understand. But for the few who read it and learn a bit about the middle east and islam i hope that it helps. (im agnostic now hense my name but im an exmuslim and apostate which unfortunately for me if i went back to my country id be executed so im happy to be here =) )

People are generally confused when it comes to islam and specifically Muslims in general regarding things like porn, pork, and other things considered "haram" in islam.

First if you are a muslim , leaving your religion is extremely extremely hard. Even the victims that get executed for offensis agianst islam are allowed to pray before there death. So having sex outside of marriage doesnt mean you are no longer a muslim it just means the penalty is you will be stoned to death. but you still are a muslim and will be allowed to say your prayers before the rocks come flying essentially. Many many times these victims will be buried in traditional Muslim burials.

So to explain the 9-11 highjackers who went to strip clubs and this attacker in france. Living in a middle eastern country you are forbidden to have relationships with women outside of your family, and there is a lot of pressure on you to do the right thing and live according to sharia.

One of the easiest recruits for groups like isis and al quida , however, are muslims who have gone astray. Guilt, pressure on there families all plays into it. if they become suicide bombers then there misdeeds get washed away. Dying in the sake of jihad is one of the highest things you can do in islam so your past mistakes get cleansed.

Thats why the Orlando shooter who might have been gay himself and grew up listening to a homophobic father talk about how gays are terrible is the hallmark of someone who will go crazy from repressed feelings. You will hear more and more about the attacker in france.. how he might have lost hes children, how he had a terrible relationship with hes family. that he was an alcoholic etc..

For this jihadist he came to a point in hes life where hes life was shit in this world. Hes salvation was for the world after which many muslims believe in dearly. By committing this act he proves to hes handlers like isis and other extremist and wahabbis that hes atoned for hes sins and he should be allowed in heaven.

An example of this is going to be the extremist reactions on the internet. Hes porn addiction, or eating porn wont be the topic. it will be how he fought in the name of allah and are praised by radicals online and in private conversations. Hes haram misgivings will no longer matter. In essense he made the perfect jihadist. someone with a terrible life, wrapped up in guilt of hes life living outside of sharia and finally making atone and coming back to hes religion. at least the way the extremist interpret it anyway.

This is why you constantly hear from many of the families of these attackers "ohh he never went to mosque, ohh he never prayed , ohh he drank alcohol" the fact is none of this matters once jihad is factored hes in decision making. I hope this helps answer some questions.

Dar al-Islam Dar al-Harb ( land of islam land of jihad)

As young muslims one of the things we learn during religious studies is the concept of land of islam and land of jihad. Generally depending how its taught and how extreme the mullah or imam is. The concept refers to jihad on land that is not dominated by islam. Obviously the term alone is disturbing as a religion that employes this thought process has basically an imperialistic tendencies at its core which obviously is very scary. But that is for another day.

What is more concerning at least in short term is the Wahhabi Sunnis who adhere to these radical groups like al quida and isis are attacking land under islam. This is very dangerous situation.

Turkey is a perfect example of this. You have a majority sunni country.. you have erdogan who is basically islamist with a tie ruling the state. you have a country where any terrorist attack will for sure kill innocent women and children muslims who are sunni.. a country who is sympathetic to sunni causes and groups in the middle east including many who are fighting in syria. and yet a bomb went off killing many of them.

Basically at this point they are justifying it as if they kill bunch of innocent sunni muslims thats okay cause they will go to heaven anyway and its good enough to kill just one infidel. That means if they ever get hold of any weapon that can cause mass destruction they will set it off whether its dar al-islam (land of islam or not).

Blog is hiring a liberal writer to counter conservative writer

Hey guys a buddy of mine created a blog about today's topics. Reality tv, Movie reviews , politics etc.. anyway for politics hes got a few articles but some stupid rants about pro trump crap cause he thinks people will read that stuff. I told him under politics he needs to have a liberal point of view as well. So hes looking for writer to write with a progress perspective and have hes or her articles published under the politics section. Hes willing to pay a small fee per article and once the site monetizes hes willing to do profit sharing with the writers. Like a mini huffington post if you will. I dont want to post the link as it might be inappropriate to do but if anyone needs a little side money for writing stuff they write anyway this might be a nice little gig. Pm me and ill give you my friends email to see if there is a good fit. Id love to write for it but with English as my second language my writing spelling and grammar are just awful so he wont hire me lol.

anyway if anyone's interested let me know.
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