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Member since: Sat Nov 14, 2015, 03:12 PM
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I know those who defend islam have there hearts in the right place

People always ask me how can i be so critical of islam considering i was born into the culture and religion and being from there. I dont have a lot of posts but most of the ones i do especially the earlier ones deal with this extremism and where it comes from.

What makes me so angry and obviously its hard to decide what can make you angrier in this situations.. obviously the innocent innocent lost of lives is right at the top but what makes it unbreakable for me to see these attacks is that hospitable of people in western civilization welcoming us with open arms. The heart breaking aspect of the people that died in the past 24 hours could have been the same people just a week or a month ago protesting the so called "right wing islamaphobe" and carrying banners of welcome muslims to europe.. only to be killed by those same people they had there hearts opened up to. THAT is the hardest part for me..

The truth of the matter is this isnt going to stop.. in fact its only going to get worse and worse.. with saudi arabia being allowed to finance the endless mosques whose preachers across europe teach the wahhabi form of rhetoric that they teach and left unchecked.

Sure there will be more solidarity protests with muslims in europe.. with the refugees in europe.. but as those jews who wear jewish clothing start being harassed in cities with large muslim populations with the police helpless to stop it. Immigration out of countries like france and to israel will start becoming more appealing. We in fact are already starting to see this now. the solidarity protests will have a few less people.. as the parents of the these dead kids in Belgium start burying there loved ones there will be even less so.

For those who have the facebook apps that allows you to paint your profile picture with a picture of the flag of the country that just got attacked by an islamic extremist. I hope the youll consider putting up not just the pictures of flags of european capitals.. but Nigeria, and the Philippines, and Thailand, and turkey, and Algeria, and tunisia, and Morocco, and india where innocent people have there lifes cutt short by some young man whose mind has become so warped that he thinks by killing Innocent people somehow he will go to heaven.. The unchecked saudi arabian funded wahhabi wing of the islamic religion will put Muslims against muslims.. jews agianst muslims Christians against Muslims..

Wait till the coming war of shai vs sunni war of islam starts hitting european capitals.. I know many here dont want to jump on the band wagon of bashing muslims.. painting broad strokes.. etc.. etc.. that is commendable. But turning the blind eye to wahhabism.. to the terrible things that saudi arabia does is not defending innocent muslims. On the contrary it is laying the ground work for more conflict. The strategy should not be to go after the muslim family down the street. The strategy should be who built the mosque that the family is going to. and was it built using saudi arabian money. Because if it was i promise you that the person who paid for the mosque is the same person who gets to choose the Imam. If that imam is wahhabi believing jew hating isis sympthetic imam who has access to young muslim kids. The please please i beg of you. Dont pretend not to know where they come from.

Right wing going after obama for castro raising obama hand while it flops

It was always hard for me explain my support for obama.. but it was always in the little things.. when i would try to explain to anybody who hated obama they would just laugh at me and when i would try and explain it to fellow progressives they just would think i was odd.

But this video that the right is using to try and make obama look foolish is one of the reasons. You see obama is creating dialogue with a county that the political leaders probably hate us.. he knows that they are not our best friends and things can go wrong fast. Hes doing the openness with cuba not because he necessary personally wants to but knows its the right thing to do.. its time.. its been to much time.. to many years of neighbors hating each other. He knows that by doing this the chances of conflict dramatically is reduced..

But when castro tried to raise hes hand he also knew deep down inside that they are a dictator who are keeping innocent political prisoners.. that they are not a free country like we are.. that they do have huge potential but they are not there yet. and he doesn't want to be rude to this old man who is trying to raise hes hand. but a part of him.. the part of him that cares about the innocent poeple in cuba who are being mistreated cannot let him raise hes hand in truimph as if hes supporting 100 percent what castro has done.

See with obama the left and right might not always agree with him.. in fact the right hates him and uses situation like this to tear him down.. but its situations like this that i see hes subtle kindess and vision of whats best for both countries even though it might not best for democrats. I will miss you obama. I will especially miss you every time i turn on the tv and the potential person that could replace you is that moron trump.


did carson sell himself to endorse trump?

although i disagree with carsons policies he seemed to be the most sane one out of the crazy bunch which are running for the republicans. But i feel taken in by hes nice persona and then going and endorsing this blow hard. just amazing what people do for politics and who they truly are.


Deep respect to bernie sanders

All the news coverage is 24 trump.. when they do spend time on the democrats its all about how bernie has no chance.. the last poll showing clinton winning michigan by 25.. and bernie just took it from hillary.. complete and utter respect.

Bernie sanders look alike baby passes away

i honestly need to walk away from the news.. i dont know how much more of these types of bad news i can take. Watching the craziness debate spectacle on tv last night.. a few days before some nutcase religious wacko beheading a baby girl.. and now this adorable little Bernie baby..

I know terrible stuff happend before the internet and yahoo news etc.. but i cant imagine people were exposed to the daily shit that goes on around the world instantly in there face. I know this sounds melodramatic i obviously dont know the baby only heart break for the family. But i have noticed iv been getting A LOT more sick lately.. this past year i got 7 colds and flus.. chronic soreness in my lower left rib probably from all the coughing i damaged or cracked a rib or something.. i have a cold now barely getting over the flue in january.. I think the anxiety and stress of the election and in fighting and seeing the crazy shit that happens day in and day out since im an internet junkie is getting to me. I might need to figure something out.

Anyway heres the super adorable Bernie baby that passed away. hes name was oliver.. only 4 months old i believe.

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