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Member since: Sat Nov 14, 2015, 03:12 PM
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Undecided in California but hate the idea of voting for hillary

As a small business owner in california, through hard work and risk iv been able to build a middle class life for my family. I pay my employees above the california minimum wage law and my managers almost double the california minimum wage. The taxes in some of sanders ideas scares me as im not sure how it would affect my business. Iv worked really hard for what i have and the idea of losing it does scare me.

THAT BEING SAID.. although hillary might be better for me as a small business tax wise.. her war mongering is something i cannot get over.

I remember in 2001 when we were going into afghanistan.. being from the middle east and seeing 9-11 on tv and the emotions involved i certainly understand the need to take out osama.. i understand the need to defend our selves.. But then came the iraq war.

The iraq war.. the master plan drawn up by cheney (always believed bush was too stupid to think of the iraq war by himself) and the neocons in office.. I KNEW it would be a disaster. My family fought in the front lines of the iran iraq war in the 80s not by choice but because our homes were right on the boarder where the war took place. I knew how hard war is first hand.

But that didnt stop cheney and CO to go to over and the democrats in congress to go a long.. one of them was hillary.. now shes apologised for iraq and said she was misled.. misled how? by her nose into going into a war that has cost us so much? okay fine.. ill take your word for it. BUT.. wait a second.. the bush presidency ended in 08.. cheney was gone.. but NOT CLINTON.. oh she continued..

The next war for her was libya.. turning that country into a terrorist haven that al quida and isis could dream off.. but see that wasnt enough for her.. next for her was SYRIA.. i mean this women HAS NOT FUCKING SEEN A WAR SHE DOESNT LIKE and im sorry but bush has been fucking gone for 8 years and this women is still at it!! or was.. and she will be if she becomes president.

Think about this for one second.. if she supports another war lets call it ukraine during her presidency.. that means she has been supported part of or directed and personaly been involved in 5 wars in 16 years... and im just tired of war.. im tired of it.. i dont want us in iraq.. in libya , or syria.. and sure as hell not ukraine or ANY country.. and thats why i hate the idea of having to vote for her here in California. I hate the idea of voting for someone that it seems as if her hobby and past time is to get us military involved in some conflict somewhere.
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