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Member since: Sat Nov 14, 2015, 03:12 PM
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Israels first transgender beauty contest won by an arab

Twenty-one-year-old Arab Israeli Ta'alin Abu Hanna from Nazareth won Israel's first transgender beauty pageant and will represent the country at the Miss Trans Star International pageant in Spain in August.

"If I had not been in Israel and had been elsewhere in Palestine or in any other Arab country I might have been oppressed or I might have been in prison or murdered," Hanna told the Times of Israel.

Hanna will also get $15,000 to spend on gender-affirming surgeries in Thailand, as well as hotel accommodations during her stay.



gay, lesbian, transgender, are almost always the easiest to pick on in any society. just read an article that a 16 year old gay boy in isis held terrority was stoned to death by a crowd. With all the problems in the world, its always amusing that what bathroom someone uses or if a man chooses to love another man is always at the forefront of poeples mind looking for excuses to cause harm. its the 21st century for god sakes get over it.

Hamas plans 13 public executions in Gaza

One of the things middle easterners and people of middle east decent (me being one) have to do is let go this concept of capital punishment and executions. Its disheartening to think that after thousands of years. There is still a mob frenzy over watching people get murdered on the streets and cheer it on like the ancient Romans did when the lions ate the prisoners. Iran is on pace this year for a record number of executions. If you consider the the population and the amount of people there planning on executing they seem to be even a head of china per capita.

Hamas plans 13 public executions in Gaza, and not for collaborating with Israel

Apparently my corgi has higher moral standards then saudi cleric

I was showing my wife the video of the saudi cleric who was teaching young muslim married couples how to beat there wifes. anyway we were both laughing at how ridiculous and crazy these wahhabi cleric really are and at the same time how sad it is that people still live like this.

Anyway during the course of the goofing around i picked up a pencil (about the size of the stick in the saudi video) and started play hitting my wife with it. As soon as the motion of hitting and my wife going ouchhhh echoed in the room. our sweet 2 year old pembrook corgi for one of the first few times growled at me. Me and my wife thinking it was cute play acted the back and forth but apparently our dog has HIGHER moral standards then a saudi cleric and started barking at me in hes big boy bark and growled like in a way saying " HEY! Get your hands off my momma" and the irony of a dog having more compassion towards beating your significant other? The real irony of it? Dogs are considered dirty animals in islam.

Just for reference hes the saudi video instructing on how to beat your wife.

Saudi Therapist Gives Advice on Wife Beating: Women's Desire for Equality Causes Marital Strife

IF saudi arabia was implicit in the 9-11 attacks SHOULD we have attacked them?

The fresh wounds of the iraq war is still scar on this country. But out of courousity. IF its finally proven to be 100 percent that the saudi arabian government was involved in 9-11 Should we have invaded and or attacked that country?

For me im torn. With saudi arabia being the birth place of islam. id say no as any attack on them might trigger a global war with muslims (although in a small way that seems to be going on anyway) but at the same time. This wahhabi bullshit this country has influenced around the world has gotten many people killed. Not just 9-11 but many innocent people including many Muslims.
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