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Member since: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 07:45 PM
Number of posts: 4,293

Journal Archives

Nebraska military families "livid"..


Fuck you , Ben Sasse. Fuck You.

You had a chance to remove this traitorous asshole, AND YOU DID NOTHING.
Don't come out now and claim you are "concerned"...


You are as much of a traitorous pig as the clown whose boots you lick. GO FUCK YOURSELF.

I thought pointing a gun at somebody was legally "Assault w/ a Deadly Weapon"

How are these 2 fuckwits not in jail right now?????


Fascist Book F**KED


We'll see if this is for real or just gas-lighting by Fuckerberg.

That's a fucking noose..

That's a fucking noose. Anti American shit-stains Faux News and the odious NY Post put the word "noose" in quotes, as if it was "alleged". Sorry, but that ain't no "garage pull", that's a FUCKING NOOSE.

The musings of an imbecile

How ANYONE cheer this fucking moron is beyond me......


I will be PROUD to call this man my Senator

Doturd to re-start MAGAT rallies....

Good. Just in time to kill off more of his imbecilic supporters before election day.....


At this point I would prefer a Military coup

As opposed to letting a Russian fucking imbecile become a dictator.
At least there are intelligent people in the military. Perhaps they may be the only ones who can save our society at this point.

Alternate usage of the stimulus payout.

I am fortunate, being declared an "essential worker" and maintained my employment.

This has allowed me to maintain my standard of living and keep my family secure.

So, in effect, I really could get by WITHOUT $2400 from the government. But since it's coming:

I plan to donate HALF on "Mark Kelly for Senate" and the other half on "Joe Biden for President".

And Doturds enclosed letter will be sent back (with $50 or $100+ worth of USPS postage on it!) to the WH.
It will be adorned with large Sharpie FUCK YOU's on every square inch of the paper.

I urge my fellow DUers (who are able) to do the same.
It's time to say "YOU'RE FIRED!" to the Russian traitor IMBECILE illegally occupying the White House.

Got one of those robo call push pull surveys tonight in AZ

I then identified as a Repuke and trashed the shit out of McSally and Doturd. Such fun!!!
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