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Member since: Sat Dec 19, 2015, 01:51 PM
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I need a pick me up.

I WAS feeling a bit discouraged today in light of the NYT endorsement but some savvy Berners responded and boosted my spirits.
This is now a "fire it up" thread.
Show me why our enthusiasm should not flag.
Let me have it Sanders group!

Just got blocked from HRC group.

Sort of sad. Its a real funeral over there.

Town Hall Thread

Just used up my preview of CNNgo. Thanks CNN.

Bernie was on fire, not giving the "yes or no" answer on the big government question and sticking to his message.

I'll try to stay in the thread if it survives. I'll have to wait and see the other candidates and the rest of Bernie later.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

We've had reason to celebrate lately what with rising poll numbers and a stunning victory in the most recent debate. It has felt good to enjoy those few breaths that came easier after the weight of running second was lifted, if ever so slightly, from our collective chest. It was appropriate to revel in that and I was glad to take part in the revelry.

Now cold reality should be galloping into your comfortable nests and tearing your complacency asunder.

The inevitable result of gaining ground is gaining attention. Bernie has the attention of his supporters and that's good but he's also got the attention of those individuals who would see another candidate nominated.

Let me go on record as saying that I believe, like I always have, that voting Dem in a general election is a duty of mine. Even when I don't like a centrist candidate I trust that they usually have to work toward a marginally progressive agenda by virtue of their having run as a Dem. I have voted many times with one hand while the other pinches my nostrils to keep out the stench of my own indignity at having to do so. I would do that this coming November if need be but I don't think that will be necessary if all of us can lay our shoulders to the task ahead.

Stories have peppered the news like "Sanders and wife diverted funding to controversial projects" and "On LGBTQ issues Bernie was not in the vanguard" and most recently "Bernie Sanders reparations problem." Let me tell you what you already know. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. On this side of the primaries torpedoes won't just be coming from RWers that fear a Sanders candidacy in the General but, perhaps most fervently, from the campaign of our beloved Mme. Secretary. We are seeing it now in its infancy and can expect it to grow rapidly, especially if Sanders has any success in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The truth behind these assertions is secondary to the width of their circulation. Anyone who lived through the "Swiftboat Veterans For Truth" situation will bear me out. The validity of an opponents claim is entirely secondary to their ability to plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of voters who are not as plugged in as are some of us. We need those individual votes to put the Senator over the top and to break even in other states and to make a decent showing in still others. Remember, Sanders needn't win every state in order to collect delegates from that state.

It is the work of keyboard and phone bank warriors to refute and rectify the misinformation that will be coming our way in the next days and weeks. In the midst of our momentary revelry our opponents are rallying their most concerted effort to erase whatever gains our candidate has made since the first of the year.

Gang up. Take people OFF Ignore and scan their posts for false info that is gaining traction and refute it.
Donate. ( I know, we've all been doing that but KEEP IT UP!) Volunteer, canvas and help get out the vote. Use your social media and promote Senator Sanders.

One more thing. Let's try to reflect the dignity that our candidate has displayed throughout this process. I'm just as fired up as anyone but reducing ourselves to slander or making untoward commentary only shows immaturity. We can be righteous and energetic without falling into the miasma of name calling and denigration. Do as you will but remember that honorable victory is important to the Senator. He's not making personal attacks and he has had a lot of success with that tactic.

Please, Please, Please keep up the good work and let's continue to spread the positive vibes that are already surrounding and permeating this campaign. This is a once-in-a-lifetime candidate.
This country needs Bernie Sanders.

Thanks for reading.
Feel The Bern!
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